Word Academy: Adventurer – Answers Levels 1-20

  • Word Academy Adventurer Answers, Cheats and Solutions for Levels 1-20. Word Academy is created by the same guys who brought as 94% and 94 Seconds, Those slightly popular games.Word Academy is slightly addictive however can get extremely tough when you get deeper into the levels so this is why we’ve compiled a list below of all the Word Academy Adventurer Answers, Cheats and Solutions in once place. Lets get into the 20 levels for this pack.

    Word Academy: Adventurer Answers:

    Level 1: Media, Cable, Micro, TV
    Level 2: Jurist, Case, Trial, Right
    Level 3: Stand, Trash, Armpit, Odour
    Level 4: Triangle, Circle, Sphere, Square
    Level 5: Jam, Spread, Butter, Honey
    Level 6: Constable, Flash, Speed ​​- Radar
    Level 7: Lighter, Light, Pack, Tobacco
    Level 8: Ice, Reflection, Watch, Mirror
    Level 9: Gallop, Aerobatics, Harness, Horse
    Level 10: Fertilizers, Straw, Manure, Livestock
    Level 11: Course, Title, Action, Bourse, Cap
    Level 12: Needle, Dice, Point, Couture, Wire
    Level 13: Grey, Version, Vehicle, Map
    Level 14: Arm, Shooting, Fire, Hunting, Boar
    Level 15: Fort, Donjon, Bridge, Castle, Tower
    Level 16: Pointe, Star, Chausson, Dance
    Level 17: Excise, Frontier, Tax, Customs
    Level 18: Compost, Tri, Recycling, Waste
    Level 19: Clerc, Sales, While, Bid, Price
    Level 20: Swimming, Swimming, Breaststroke, Swimming


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