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  • Who’s the Player? All leagues Answers, Cheats and Solutions for All levels. Do you love football? Check out Who’s the Player? and put your knowledge to the test. This is a fun but difficult game as there is a lot of players and no-one can surely know that many or can you? Tell us below. Who’s the Player? can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for free for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device. Lets kick our way into the Who’s the Player? Answers, Cheats and Solutions for ALL levels and ALL leagues now.


    Who’s the Player? Answers:

    [columns] [column size=”1/1″]English Leagues Level 1: Vanpersie
    English Leagues Level 2: Suarez
    English Leagues Level 3: Torres
    English Leagues Level 4: Walcott
    English Leagues Level 5: Gerrard
    English Leagues Level 6: Davidsilva
    English Leagues Level 7: Rooney
    English Leagues Level 8: Defoe
    English Leagues Level 9: Nasri
    English Leagues Level 10: Lampard
    English Leagues Level 11: Evra
    English Leagues Level 12: Lennon
    English Leagues Level 13: Mata
    English Leagues Level 14: Aguero
    English Leagues Level 15: Terry
    English Leagues Level 16: Ferdinand
    English Leagues Level 17: Carroll
    English Leagues Level 18: Degea
    English Leagues Level 19: Carragher
    English Leagues Level 20: Kompany

    Spanish La Liga Level 1: Messi
    Spanish La Liga Level 2: Ronaldo
    Spanish La Liga Level 3: Xavi
    Spanish La Liga Level 4: Benzema
    Spanish La Liga Level 5: Iniesta
    Spanish La Liga Level 6: Danialves
    Spanish La Liga Level 7: Ramos
    Spanish La Liga Level 8: Villa
    Spanish La Liga Level 9: Pepe
    Spanish La Liga Level 10: Ozil
    Spanish La Liga Level 11: Fabregas
    Spanish La Liga Level 12: Casillas
    Spanish La Liga Level 13: Agirretxe
    Spanish La Liga Level 14: Alonso
    Spanish La Liga Level 15: Adriano
    Spanish La Liga Level 16: Coentrao
    Spanish La Liga Level 17: Pique
    Spanish La Liga Level 18: Joaquin
    Spanish La Liga Level 19: Pedro
    Spanish La Liga Level 20: Dimaria

    Italian Serie A Level 1: Balotelli
    Italian Serie A Level 2: Pirlo
    Italian Serie A Level 3: Totti
    Italian Serie A Level 4: Dinatale
    Italian Serie A Level 5: Klose
    Italian Serie A Level 6: Hamsik
    Italian Serie A Level 7: Buffon
    Italian Serie A Level 8: Mexes
    Italian Serie A Level 9: Bonucci
    Italian Serie A Level 10: Robinho
    Italian Serie A Level 11: Amauri
    Italian Serie A Level 12: Vidal
    Italian Serie A Level 13: Derossi
    Italian Serie A Level 14: Elshaarawy
    Italian Serie A Level 15: Marchisio
    Italian Serie A Level 16: Cambiasso
    Italian Serie A Level 17: Lichtsteiner
    Italian Serie A Level 18: Montolivo
    Italian Serie A Level 19: Asamoah
    Italian Serie A Level 20: Abate

    German Bundesliga Level 1: Muller
    German Bundesliga Level 2: Ribery
    German Bundesliga Level 3: Robben
    German Bundesliga Level 4: Lewandowski
    German Bundesliga Level 5: Kroos
    German Bundesliga Level 6: Gotze
    German Bundesliga Level 7: Mandzukic
    German Bundesliga Level 8: Huntelaar
    German Bundesliga Level 9: Lahm
    German Bundesliga Level 10: Farfan
    German Bundesliga Level 11: Dante
    German Bundesliga Level 12: Kiessling
    German Bundesliga Level 13: Bastos
    German Bundesliga Level 14: Boateng
    German Bundesliga Level 15: Subotic
    German Bundesliga Level 16: Neuer
    German Bundesliga Level 17: Reus
    German Bundesliga Level 18: Vanbuyten
    German Bundesliga Level 19: Schurrle
    German Bundesliga Level 20: Alaba

    French Ligue 1 Level 1: Ibrahimovic
    French Ligue 1 Level 2: Kalou
    French Ligue 1 Level 3: Thiagosilva
    French Ligue 1 Level 4: Menez
    French Ligue 1 Level 5: Lavezzi
    French Ligue 1 Level 6: Maxwell
    French Ligue 1 Level 7: Gomis
    French Ligue 1 Level 8: Matuidi
    French Ligue 1 Level 9: Aliadiere
    French Ligue 1 Level 10: Mutu
    French Ligue 1 Level 11: Lisandro
    French Ligue 1 Level 12: Alex
    French Ligue 1 Level 13: Pastore
    French Ligue 1 Level 14: Benyedder
    French Ligue 1 Level 15: Gignac
    French Ligue 1 Level 16: Sakho
    French Ligue 1 Level 17: Cabella
    French Ligue 1 Level 18: Payet
    French Ligue 1 Level 19: Agassa
    French Ligue 1 Level 20: Digne

    Brazilian Serie A Level 1: Ronaldinho
    Brazilian Serie A Level 2: Seedorf
    Brazilian Serie A Level 3: Forlan
    Brazilian Serie A Level 4: Fabiano
    Brazilian Serie A Level 5: Pato
    Brazilian Serie A Level 6: Lucio
    Brazilian Serie A Level 7: Juninho
    Brazilian Serie A Level 8: Fred
    Brazilian Serie A Level 9: Jo
    Brazilian Serie A Level 10: Gilberto
    Brazilian Serie A Level 11: Zeroberto
    Brazilian Serie A Level 12: Elano
    Brazilian Serie A Level 13: Baptista
    Brazilian Serie A Level 14: Dida
    Brazilian Serie A Level 15: Jadson
    Brazilian Serie A Level 16: Aurelio
    Brazilian Serie A Level 17: Augusto
    Brazilian Serie A Level 18: Alexsandro
    Brazilian Serie A Level 19: Rever
    Brazilian Serie A Level 20: Juan

    Portuguese P Liga Level 1: Cardozo
    Portuguese P Liga Level 2: Garay
    Portuguese P Liga Level 3: Martinez
    Portuguese P Liga Level 4: Mangala
    Portuguese P Liga Level 5: Luisao
    Portuguese P Liga Level 6: Matic
    Portuguese P Liga Level 7: Gaitan
    Portuguese P Liga Level 8: Gonzalez
    Portuguese P Liga Level 9: Otamendi
    Portuguese P Liga Level 10: Maxipereira
    Portuguese P Liga Level 11: Lima
    Portuguese P Liga Level 12: Alan
    Portuguese P Liga Level 13: Salvio
    Portuguese P Liga Level 14: Capel
    Portuguese P Liga Level 15: Eder
    Portuguese P Liga Level 16: Quintero
    Portuguese P Liga Level 17: Fernando
    Portuguese P Liga Level 18: Patricio
    Portuguese P Liga Level 19: Perez
    Portuguese P Liga Level 20: Varela

    Russian P League Level 1: Hulk
    Russian P League Level 2: Danny
    Russian P League Level 3: Honda
    Russian P League Level 4: Boussoufa
    Russian P League Level 5: Brunoalves
    Russian P League Level 6: Criscito
    Russian P League Level 7: Cisse
    Russian P League Level 8: Arshavin
    Russian P League Level 9: Akinfeev
    Russian P League Level 10: Denisov
    Russian P League Level 11: Witsel
    Russian P League Level 12: Lassdiarra
    Russian P League Level 13: Albertotosca
    Russian P League Level 14: Dzagoev
    Russian P League Level 15: Doumbia
    Russian P League Level 16: Zhirkov
    Russian P League Level 17: Mcgeady
    Russian P League Level 18: Mvila
    Russian P League Level 19: Shirokov
    Russian P League Level 20: Eremenko

    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 1 Answer: Tadic
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 2 Answer: Parkjisung
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 3 Answer: Bojan
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 4 Answer: Pelle
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 5 Answer: Wijnaldum
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 6 Answer: Dejong
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 7 Answer: Maher
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 8 Answer: Lens
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 9 Answer: Toivonen
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 10 Answer: Piazon
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 11 Answer: Atsu
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 12 Answer: Janssen
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 13 Answer: Narsingh
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 14 Answer: Schaars
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 15 Answer: Devrij
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 16 Answer: Cillessen
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 17 Answer: Moisander
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 18 Answer: Clasie
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 19 Answer: Finnbogason
    Who’s The Player Dutch Eredivisie Level 20 Answer: Mathijsen[/column] [/columns]

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