Who’s The Legend? Football Quiz Fifa 17 Answers

  • Stuck needing the answers to the insanely addictive game Who’s the Legend Football Quiz Fifa 17 Sport Game by ARE Apps? Don’t worry we’ve solved each and every level to all the packs to help you on your way to becoming a football champion. Who’s the Legend Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs are right below but first have you even got the game? You can pick it up from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device now completely free, What are you waiting for?

    If you think you’re up to the task to becoming a legend then this is the perfect quiz to get a definitive answer, How well do you stack up? Tell us below. Let’s dive straight into the Who’s the Legend Answers, Solution and Cheats to all levels and packs now.

    Who’s the Legend Answers:

    Who's the Legend: Modern Legends Pack Answers:
    Level: Zidane
    Level: Maldini
    Level: Ronaldo
    Level: Figo
    Level: Bergkamp
    Level: Cannavaro
    Level: Vandersar
    Level: Shearer
    Level: Nedved
    Level: Hierro
    Level: Vieira
    Level: Desailly
    Level: Brianlaudrup
    Level: Keane
    Level: Carlos
    Level: Pires
    Level: Weah
    Level: Shevchenko
    Level: Ruicosta
    Level: Lehmann
    Level: Kluivert
    Level: Okocha
    Level: Vieri
    Level: Larsson
    Level: Pauleta
    Level: Crespo
    Level: Bierhoff
    Level: Inzaghi
    Level: Deboer
    Level: Effenberg
    Level: Fowler
    Level: Neville
    Level: Ljungberg
    Level: Campbell
    Level: Romario
    Level: Chilavert
    Level: Batistuta
    Level: Passarella
    Level: Owen
    Level: Veron
    Level: Henry
    Level: Zanetti
    Level: Cafu
    Level: Kahn
    Level: Beckham
    Level: Deschamps
    Level: Thuram
    Level: Ballack
    Level: Messi
    Level: Delpiero
    Level: Ronàldo
    Level: Ronaldinho
    Level: Buffon
    Level: Robben
    Level: Nesta
    Level: Trezeguet
    Level: Iniesta
    Level: Giggs
    Level: Xavi
    Level: Totti
    Level: Lahm
    Level: Raul
    Level: Pirlo
    Level: Nakata
    Level: Puyol
    Level: Davids
    Level: Seedorf
    Level: Ibrahimovic
    Level: Gascoigne
    Level: Recoba
    Level: Rivaldo
    Level: Ginola
    Level: Myungbo
    Level: Enrique
    Level: Recber
    Level: Caniggia
    Level: Belözoǧlu
    Level: Sammer
    Level: Fonseca
    Level: Zenden
    Level: Leonardo
    Level: Klose
    Level: Drogba
    Level: Scholes
    Level: Suárez
    Level: Etoo
    Level: Forlán
    Level: Makélélé
    Level: Deco
    Level: Riquelme
    Level: Ferdinand
    Level: Overmars
    Level: Stam
    Level: Gattuso
    Level: Guardiola
    Level: Gerrard
    Level: Robbiekeane
    Level: Litmanen
    Level: Solskjaer
    Level: Lúcio
    Level: Morientes
    Level: Redondo
    Level: Lampard
    Level: Cambiasso
    Level: Campos
    Level: Ortega
    Level: Sükür
    Level: Costacurta
    Level: Hyypiä
    Level: Juninho
    Level: Boban
    Level: Vanpersie
    Level: Taffarel
    Level: Berbatov
    Level: Anelka
    Level: Yorke
    Level: Lizarazu
    Level: Sutter
    Level: Mcmanaman
    Level: Ndlovu
    Level: Salenko
    Level: Salas
    Level: Stojković
    Level: Witschge
    Level: Higuita
    Level: Makaay
    Level: Scholl
    Level: Aimar
    Level: Koller
    Level: Schwarzer
    Level: Hazard
    Level: Jardel
    Level: Möller
    Level: Ramos
    Level: Hildebrand
    Level: Neuer
    Level: Mijatović
    Level: Silva
    Level: Cahill
    Level: Zambrotta
    Level: Preetz
    Level: Pizarro
    Level: Viduka
    Level: Modrić
    Level: Letissier
    Level: Huntelaar
    Level: Elber
    Level: Márquez
    Level: Platt
    Level: Davidsilva
    Level: Andersson
    Level: Ayala
    Level: Yayatouré
    Level: Wright
    Level: Wiltord
    Level: Enke
    Level: Rooney
    Level: Poborský
    Level: Ince
    Level: Cavani
    Level: Petrov
    Level: Falcao
    Level: Blanco
    Level: Djalminha
    Level: Hasselbaink
    Level: Jansen
    Level: Escobar
    Level: Vanhooijdonk
    Level: Ronalddeboer
    Level: Weidenfeller
    Level: Pepe
    Level: Song
    Level: Dimatteo
    Level: Sousa
    Level: Ravanelli
    Level: Palermo
    Level: Amokachi
    Level: Valdes
    Level: Albertini
    Level: Evra
    Level: Simone
    Level: Reiziger
    Level: Saviola
    Level: Lopez
    Level: Dudek
    Level: Caldwell
    Level: López
    Level: Júninho
    Level: Guðjohnsen
    Level: Degea
    Level: Samuel
    Level: Dicanio
    Level: Honda
    Level: Carew
    Level: Boateng
    Level: Vanbommel
    Level: Svensson
    Level: Kanchelskis
    Level: Milito
    Level: Nakhid
    Level: Ferguson
    Level: Mellberg
    Level: Petit
    Level: Kompany
    Level: Moutinho
    Level: Llorente
    Level: Acosta
    Level: Kewell
    Level: Stankovic
    Level: Coloccini
    Level: Dumitrescu
    Level: Maurosilva
    Level: Pedro
    Level: Srna
    Who's the Legend: 1965-1984 Pack Answers:
    Level: Maradona
    Level: Baresi
    Level: Matthäus
    Level: Vanbasten
    Level: Schmeichel
    Level: Stoichkov
    Level: Butragueño
    Level: Gullit
    Level: Laudrup
    Level: Blanc
    Level: Lineker
    Level: Hagi
    Level: Suker
    Level: Seaman
    Level: Rijkaard
    Level: Brehme
    Level: Zola
    Level: Futre
    Level: Valderrama
    Level: Platini
    Level: Zico
    Level: Baggio
    Level: Shilton
    Level: Scirea
    Level: Rivelino
    Level: Kempes
    Level: Ceulemans
    Level: Pfaff
    Level: Vanderelst
    Level: Júnior
    Level: Sócrates
    Level: Milla
    Level: Keegan
    Level: Cantona
    Level: Papin
    Level: Trésor
    Level: Breitner
    Level: Klinsmann
    Level: Rummenigge
    Level: Pele
    Level: Bergomi
    Level: Rossi
    Level: Sánchez
    Level: Vandekerkhof
    Level: Neeskens
    Level: Rensenbrink
    Level: Romerito
    Level: Cubillas
    Level: Boniek
    Level: Dasayev
    Level: Dalglish
    Level: Francescoli
    Level: Hoddle
    Level: Rush
    Level: Hansen
    Level: Robson
    Level: Southall
    Level: Elkjær
    Level: Bebeto
    Level: Brolin
    Level: Stojkovic
    Level: Cabrini
    Level: Popescu
    Level: Koeman
    Level: Völler
    Level: Dunga
    Level: Schuster
    Level: Fillol
    Level: Falcão
    Level: Tardelli
    Level: Djorkaeff
    Level: Donadoni
    Level: Adams
    Level: Walter
    Level: Blokhin
    Level: Preudhomme
    Level: Kohler
    Level: Grabowski
    Level: Ancelotti
    Level: Krol
    Level: Littbarski
    Level: Hassler
    Level: Mancini
    Level: Gentile
    Level: Vogts
    Level: Mladenov
    Level: Zamorano
    Level: Archibald
    Level: Ekström
    Level: Simonsen
    Level: Hölzenbein
    Level: Ardiles
    Level: Köpke
    Level: Hrubesch
    Level: Tigana
    Level: Careca
    Level: Augenthaler
    Level: Schmitt
    Level: Lato
    Level: Beardsley
    Level: Barnes
    Level: Pančev
    Level: Scifo
    Level: Souness
    Level: Savićević
    Level: Rufer
    Level: Sheringham
    Level: Zubizarreta
    Level: Larsen
    Level: Waddle
    Level: Riedle
    Level: Zenga
    Level: Cerezo
    Level: Buchwald
    Level: Magath
    Level: Francis
    Level: Rep
    Level: Signori
    Level: Hoeness
    Level: Kaltz
    Level: Mcllroy
    Level: Nkono
    Level: Saravakos
    Level: Panenka
    Level: Molby
    Level: Valdano
    Level: Irwin
    Level: Blind
    Level: Yeboah
    Level: Dirceu
    Level: Whiteside
    Level: Nadal
    Level: Chapman
    Level: Schillaci
    Level: Clemence
    Level: Lombardo
    Level: Krankl
    Level: Wegerle
    Level: Belodedici
    Level: Yekini
    Who's the Legend: 1945-1964 Pack Answers:
    Level: Pelé
    Level: Cruyff
    Level: Beckenbauer
    Level: Moore
    Level: Distefano
    Level: Garrincha
    Level: Best
    Level: Charlton
    Level: Eusebio
    Level: Yashin
    Level: Müller
    Level: Carrizo
    Level: Banks
    Level: Zoff
    Level: Maier
    Level: Santos
    Level: Facchetti
    Level: Torres
    Level: Figueroa
    Level: Sivori
    Level: Sántos
    Level: Masopust
    Level: Fontaine
    Level: Kopa
    Level: Seeler
    Level: Boniperti
    Level: Rivera
    Level: Jairzinho
    Level: Charles
    Level: Edwards
    Level: Finney
    Level: Tostão
    Level: Riva
    Level: Netzer
    Level: Gento
    Level: Baxter
    Level: Jennings
    Level: Gérson
    Level: Chumpitaz
    Level: Law
    Level: Overath
    Level: Schnellinger
    Level: Miramontes
    Level: Rahn
    Level: Vanhimst
    Level: Hamrin
    Level: Hurst
    Level: Vavá
    Level: Haller
    Level: Libuda
    Level: Heynckes
    Level: Greaves
    Level: Albert
    Level: Skoglund
    Level: Džajić
    Level: Didi
    Level: Amaro
    Level: Stiles
    Level: Bremner
    Level: Ball
    Level: Johnstone
    Level: Vanhanegem
    Level: Grosics
    Level: Asparuhov
    Level: Reilly
    Who's the Legend: Senior Legends Pack Answers:
    Level: Puskas
    Level: Zamora
    Level: Matthews
    Level: Meazza
    Level: Dean
    Level: Kocsis
    Level: Schiaffino
    Level: Nasazzi
    Level: Sárosi
    Level: Kubala
    Level: Sindelar
    Level: Liedholm
    Level: Piola
    Level: Mortensen
    Level: Morlock
    Level: Szepan
    Level: Zarra
    Level: Bloomer
    Level: Bican
    Level: Friedenreich
    Level: Alcántara
    Level: Mazzola
    Level: Zizinho
    Level: Masantonio
    Level: Monti
    Level: Bozsik
    Level: Moreno
    Level: Schon
    Level: Sastre

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