What’s the Sign: Guess Word Puzzle – Answers

  • What’s the Sign – Guess Word Puzzle Answers, Cheats and all Solutions for all levels. What’s the Sign is a game developed by Ellisapps Inc. which you may know from ‘Red Ball Jump’ game. What’s the Sign is a fun and new addictive guessing game which is simply going to give you hours of fun, Sure did for us.

    We all know how hard these pesky puzzles can get so below we’ve solved all the answers so you dont have to. Lets dive straight into the What’s the Sign Answers, Cheats and Solutions for all levels and packs.



    What’s the Sign Answers:

    Level 1:

    1: Stop
    2: Speed Limit
    3: Do Not Enter
    4: Pedestrian Crossing
    5: No Trucks
    6: Left Turn Only
    7: One Way
    8: 4-Way
    9: Keep Right
    10: Right Turn Only
    11: Straight or Right Turn Only
    12: No U Turn
    13: No Bicycles
    14: Wrong Way
    15: School Zone
    16: Railroad Crossing
    17: Disabled
    18: Handicap
    19: No Right Turn
    20: Buckle Up
    21: Airport
    22: Keep Left
    23: No Hitch Hiking
    24: No Parking
    25: Tow Away Zone
    26: No Yield
    27: No Pedestrians
    28: Hospital
    29: No Left Turn
    30: Parking

    Level 2:

    1: Fire Truck Crossing
    2: Left Curve Ahead
    3: Left Side Road
    4: Merge Into Added Lane

    WORKING ON THE REST, Know the answers? Tell us below and we’ll credit you!

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