What’s the Saying Answers All Levels

  • Solutions, Cheats and Answers to What’s the Saying by Cheat Master and Friends Word Cheat. Stuck on a particular level? Then you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve completed all the levels from in-game so you don’t have to. This game is an extremely addictive and fun boredom buster that you won’t be able to put down.

    If you haven’t picked up the game you can grab it from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. Due to the nature of this game and the creators trying to trick us all the levels are currently mixed which makes cheating that much harder. Using the CTRL + F or CMD + F on your computers or manually looking you should be able to find the appropriate level.

    If you’ve had enough of us talking rubbish then we’re ready to jump straight into the What’s the Saying Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs.

    What’s the Saying Answers:

    Level 1 Word asleep falling = Falling asleep
    Level 2 An eye under “stand” = I understand
    Level 3 The word step backwards = Step back
    Level 4 Ez as “pi” = Easy as pie
    Level 5 Foot in the door
    Level 6 A man standing on the moon = Man on the moon
    Level 7 Then number 4 inside the word stance = For instance
    Level 8 “At + Birth” with huge space between = Separated at birth
    Level 9 The word Banana split in the middle = Banana split
    Level 10 A finger pointing at a black “Jack card” = Blackjack
    Level 11 A penguin on an iceberg = Tip of the iceberg
    Level 12 Number one inside a blue moon = Once in a blue moon
    Level 13 The word stitch in a cross form = Cross stitch
    Level 14 A finger pointing on the word “Board” in white = Whiteboard
    Level 15 A hourglass inside a black house = Time is up
    Level 16 A hole in the number one = Hole in one
    Level 17 The word overs spelled three times = Left overs
    Level 18 A finger pointing on a black square and the word room = Dark room
    Level 19 A play button next to two words saying nothing = Next to nothing
    Level 20 A finger pointing at a dog = Top dog
    Level 21 The word rough with a diamond in the middle = Diamond in the rough
    Level 22 A white elephant = White Elephant
    Level 23 Pants spelled twice = Pair of pants
    Level 24 A list of the word bucket spelled four times = Bucket list
    Level 25 Mount + x10 = Mountain
    Level 26 A man walking in the middle of the word park = Walk in the park
    Level 27 The word space outside a box = Outer space
    Level 28 A boy playing on top of “words” = Play on words
    Level 29 4 of the same symbol = Barbershop quartet
    Level 30 The word root spelled in a square = Square root

    That’s it for this game. Why not check out some others here?

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