Uberwords Brain Game Answers All Levels

  • Uberwords The Ultimate Brain Training Game Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs. Created by MigoApps, This is an obvious ton of fun. However as with most puzzle games there’s sure to be a few levels that you’ll get stuck on and this is where we come in to help.

    With ALL the answers to Uberwords and updating constant with new app updates, We’re sure to be your number one destination for all things app related. You can pick the game up from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices. Let’s jump away from this Uber-tastic paragraphs and get stuck into the UberWords Brain Game answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels.



    Uberwords Answers Level Pack 1:
    Level 1-1: AIR-BAG
    Level 1-2: IN-TO
    Level 1-3: BASKET-BALL
    Level 1-4: FIRE-FIGHTER
    Level 1-5: BULL-DOG
    Level 1-6: GRASS-HOPPER
    Level 1-7: BABY-SITTER
    Level 1-8: ZAG-ZIG
    Level 1-9: DAY-LIGHT
    Level 1-10: SUN-FLOWER
    Level 1-11: PAN-CAKE
    Level 1-12: TOOTH-PASTE
    Level 1-13: CAB-TAXI
    Level 1-14: SWEET-HEART
    Level 1-15: DAY-SUN
    Level 1-16: PICK-TOOTH
    Level 1-17: BLOCK-BUSTER
    Level 1-18: ARROW-HEAD
    Level 1-19: HAM-BURGER
    Level 1-20: DAY-DREAM
    Level 1-21: RAIN-BOW
    Level 1-22: CAN-NOT
    Level 1-23: BOOK-WORM
    Level 1-24: BIRD-BLUE
    Level 1-25: POP-CORN
    Level 1-26: DAY-BIRTH
    Level 1-27: RAIL-ROAD
    Level 1-28: JELLY-BEAN
    Level 1-29: FIRE-WORKS
    Level 1-30: FATHER-GRAND

    Uberwords Answers Level Pack 2:
    Level 2-1: LIFE-TIME
    Level 2-2: CUP-BUTTER
    Level 2-3: BREAK-THROUGH
    Level 2-4: INK-BLOT
    Level 2-5: UP-LIFT
    Level 2-6: BACK-BONE
    Level 2-7: FOR-GIVE
    Level 2-8: RIVER-BANKS
    Level 2-9: KIND-HEARTED
    Level 2-10: WHEEL-BARROW
    Level 2-11: BACK-GROUND
    Level 2-12: JUMP-SUIT
    Level 2-13: BOOK-YEAR
    Level 2-14: WATER-MELON
    Level 2-15: JAY-WALKER
    Level 2-16: BREAD-BASKET
    Level 2-17: SUPER-MAN
    Level 2-18: IN-DOOR
    Level 2-19: KEEPER-ZOO
    Level 2-20: WAY-SUB
    Level 2-21: BASE-BOARD
    Level 2-22: OVER-FLOW
    Level 2-23: LIFE-SAVER
    Level 2-24: STORM-THUNDER
    Level 2-25: BITTER-SWEET
    Level 2-26: BLUE-BERRIES
    Level 2-27: BACK-YARD
    Level 2-28: BUTTER-FLIES
    Level 2-29: ICE-BERG
    Level 2-30: LIFE-BLOOD

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