TWD Guess Quiz Answers (The Walking Dead)

  • Stuck on the new TWD Guess Quiz? We’ve answered all the levels to this new exciting and addicting game featured on The Walking Dead. Created by Jill Ramirez, Developer of the many ‘Shopkins’ Quizzes and many other fan favourites. With hundreds of characters to guess from and a simple but fun gameplay, There’s not much more you could ask for.

    You can pick up TWD Guess Quiz – Dead Trivia Fan Edition from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. How big of a fan are you of the insanely addicting TV Show, The Walking Dead? Doesn’t matter if you aren’t as we’ve got the answers to help you become the best Walking Dead fan you can be.

    You’ve got the game? Let’s dive straight into the The Walking Dead Guess Quiz Answers, Cheats, Solutions and Walkthrough for the insanely fun quiz trivia game that you’ll struggle to put down.

    TWD Guess Quiz Answers:

    Level 1: Rick Grimes
    Level 2: Carl Grimes
    Level 3: Judith Grimes
    Level 4: Lori Grimes
    Level 5: Lambert Kendal
    Level 6: Shane Walsh
    Level 7: Leon Basset
    Level 8: Morgan Jones
    Level 9: Jenny Jones
    Level 10: Duane Jones.

    Level 11: Glenn Rhee
    Level 12: Theodore Douglas
    Level 13: Dale Horvath
    Level 14: Jacqui
    Level 15: Jim
    Level 16: Daryl Dixon
    Level 17: Merle Dixon
    Level 18: Carol Peletier
    Level 19: Sophia Peletier
    Level 20: Ed Peletier

    Level 21: Andrea
    Level 22: Amy
    Level 23: Morales
    Level 24: Miranda Morales
    Level 25: Louis Morales
    Level 26: Guillermo
    Level 27: Abuela
    Level 28: Felipe
    Level 29: Miguel
    Level 30: Edwin Jenner

    Level 31: Maggie Greene
    Level 32: Beth Greene
    Level 33: Hershel Greene
    Level 34: Patricia
    Level 35: Jimmy
    Level 36: Otis
    Level 37: Randall Culver
    Level 38: Michonne
    Level 39: Abraham Ford
    Level 40: Andrew

    Level 41: Caleb Subramanian
    Level 42: David Chambler
    Level 43: Gareth
    Level 44: Rosita Espinosa
    Level 45: Tyreese Williams
    Level 46: Alisha
    Level 47: Crowley
    Level 48: Mitch Dolgen
    Level 49: Rowan
    Level 50: Tara Chambler

    Level 51: Welles
    Level 52: Clara
    Level 53: Gabriel Stokes
    Level 54: Joe
    Level 55: Lilly Chambler
    Level 56: Mika Samuels
    Level 57: Patrick
    Level 58: Zach
    Level 59: Alex
    Level 60: Bob Stookey

    Level 61: Jody
    Level 62: Tomas
    Level 63: Len
    Level 64: Luke
    Level 65: Pete Dolgen
    Level 66: Sasha Williams
    Level 67: Philip Blake
    Level 68: Allen
    Level 69: Axel
    Level 70: Big Tiny

    Level 71: Gargulio
    Level 72: Molly
    Level 73: Sam
    Level 74: Ben
    Level 75: Eugene Porter
    Level 76: Jeanette
    Level 77: Karen
    Level 78: Lizzie Samuels
    Level 79: Penny Blake
    Level 80: Shumpert

    Level 81: Ana
    Level 82: Caesar Martinez
    Level 83: Mary
    Level 84: Meghan Chambler
    Level 85: Milton Mamet
    Level 86: Oscar
    Level 87: Tony
    Level 88: Mike
    Level 89: Michael Coleman
    Level 90: Noah

    Level 91: Haley
    Level 92: Tim
    Level 93: Donna
    Level 94: Julio
    Level 95: Henry

    Wow, You’ve completed TWD Guess Quiz already? Why not head on over to our latest answers to get in on the action you’ve been missing out on? Here’s a link!

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