The Trail Walkthrough and Cheats Gameplay Guide

The Trail Walkthrough, Gameplay Guide, Cheats, Solutions and all tips to help you solve every level and pack. Created by Kongregate Word comes this new and insanely addictive game which comes as a free download on all iOS and Android devices. Jumped ahead of yourself and haven’t even dowloaded this game yet? Not to worry, Head on over to either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device and install it for free.

It’s your job to lead the pack in an unforgiving adventure that you’ll simply enjoy as you seek out fortune. Join other pioneers to a journey of a life time across the unknown country ahead. You start off in a town call Eden Falls and it’s all up to you to explore, collect, trade, discover, craft and build a empire. Created and mastered by Peter Molyneux, Some other games of his include Populous, Godus, Dungeon Keeper and our favorite Theme Park.


The Trail Walkthrough Gameplay Guide

The Trail: A Frontier Journey Part 1

The Trail: A Frontier Journey Part 2

The Trail: A Frontier Journey Part 3

The Trail: A Frontier Journey Part 4

The Trail: A Frontier Journey Part 5

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