Stinky Pinky Answers and Cheats All Levels

Did I hear you say you we’re stuck on the sick Stinky Pinky An Evil Minded Rhyme Game? Good thing we’ve solved all the answers, cheats and solutions to all levels and packs from this insanely popular quiz game within the gaming community. It was created by Evil Studios Limited and has shot to the top in the charts due to it’s simplistic gameplay and crazy addictive levels that you’ll find hard to put down. 

Have you ever thought your brain was top notch? Why not try putting it to the test in this Stinky Pinky An Evil Minded Rhyme brain game that you’ll seriously need some help answering. If you haven’t checked it out already then head on over to the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store now for your Android devices or iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches. Let’s shoot into the Stinky Pinky: An Evil Minded Rhyme Game Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs.

Stinky Pinky Answers:

Level 1: Cock Block
Level 2: Stinky Pinky
Level 3: Tramp Stamp
Level 4: How do you respond to a Duck? Answer: Quack Back
Level 5: What is it called when an Areola gets loose?: Answer: Nip Slip
Level 6: Where do you keep your masturbation inspiration? Answer: Spank Bank
Level 7: How did your great grandfather send his dick pics? Answer: Snail Mail
Level 8: What do you get when you text while driving? Answer: Fender Bender
Level 9: Times Rhyme: What does Lance Armstrong get when he swims in cold water? Answer: Small Ball
Lvl 10: Cat Hat

Thanks Anna K for the help!

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