Scrabble Pics: Answers Guide – Levels 51-72

  • Now this is the last of them for now, the game will update soon with more and you’ll be sure to find the answers here, Be sure to come back if you need more answers,¬†¬†enjoy the last ones.


    Puzzles 1-25Puzzles 26-50Puzzles 51-72
    More to come!


    Puzzle 55: Craft, Pueblo, Armies, Slides, Tenet, Add
    puzzle 56: Pop, Cubic, Banger, Noises, Induce, Detest
    Puzzle 57: Lapse, Lichen, Alcove, Barber, Cuing, Easy
    Puzzle 58: Kept, Pixie, Fasten, Assert, Stench, Taste
    Puzzle 59: bear, Export, Tiptoe, Lease, Eaten, Dress
    Puzzle 60: Cask, Dance, Memory, Opera, Strap, Shake

    Puzzle 61: Pal, Unite, Maniac, Please, Oared, Grade
    Puzzle 62: Rack, Cipher, Aspire, Relent, Prefer, Sly
    Puzzle 63: Step, Tuned, Mortar, Albino, Teacup, Nets
    Puzzle 64: Cop, Scope, Scouts, Armpit, Lemon, Twang
    puzzle 65: Raps, Metro, Nectar, Amount, Bounce, Speed

    Puzzle 66: Saga, Shell, Coral, Revise, Uneasy, Shell
    Puzzle 67: Dab, Swell, Liable, Attain, Vetted, Assess
    Puzzle 68: Boas, Touch, Chance, Rescue, Attest, Masses
    Puzzle 69: Laps, Beret, Oracle, Finale, Feeder, Frets
    Puzzle 70: LED, Payers, Useful, Feline, Fringe, Desk

    Puzzle 71: Snot, Pecan, Little, Intake, Delved, Seeds
    Puzzle 72: Skim, Inmate, Teared, Aging, Dense, Deer
    Puzzle 73: Slugs, Ladle, Tendon, Recess, Averse, Yes

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