Scrabble Pics: Answers Guide – Levels 26-50

  • This is the second lot of answers for Scrabble Pics, Levels 26-50. Remember all answers go from left to right.


    Puzzles 1-25Puzzles 26-50Puzzles 51-72
    More to come!

    Puzzle 26: Bras, Reset, Olive, Widen, Scent
    Puzzle 27: Car, Blade, Roman, Inept, Melt
    Puzzle 28: Pat, Smite, Canon, Amend, Base
    Puzzle 29: Ham, Grove, Loser, Owing, Venue, Edge
    Puzzle 30: Sat, Press, Adept, Retry, Kneel, Tree

    Puzzle 31: Ship, Caged, Liner, Alive, Notes, Reds
    Puzzle 32: Pal, Silo, Wills, Axles, Stage, Pyres
    Puzzle 33: Lob, Sour, Slate, Title, Ached, Beets
    Puzzle 34: Loop, Arbor, Patio, Scans, Elite, Den
    Puzzle 35: bib, Tuna, Farms, Atlas, State, Types

    Puzzle 36: Spur, Tonic, Irises, Saliva, Retort, Sense
    Puzzle 37: Draw, Siege, Wasted, Aiming, Glance, Slay
    Puzzle 38: Wish, Prince, Ransom, Otter, Piece, Sort
    Puzzle 39: Made, Pupil, Gasped, Encase, Miller, Cells
    Puzzle 40: Swabs, Stable, Narrow, Apron, Plead, Send

    Puzzle 41: Crisp, Rental, Ensure, Weeded, Wring, Tote
    Puzzle 42: Pep, Panel, Jingle, Endive, Scenic, Thresh
    Puzzle 43: Trip, Remit, Appeal, Coarse, Tricks, Stress
    Puzzle 44: Amass, Munch, Corner, Redone, Obeyed, War
    Puzzle 45: Tag, Tutor, Hustle, Unsafe, Relief, Trend

    Puzzle 46: Atom, Shrug, Media, Balms, Slept
    Puzzle 47: Con, Glare, Runner, Arcade, Beetle, Sleek
    Puzzle 51: Flew, viola, Mascot, Escape, Neater, Sleds
    Puzzle 52: Pad, Spade, Swathe, Minted, Order, Glade
    Puzzle 53: Strum, Crepe, Chosen, Rewind, Amend, Gel
    Puzzle 54: Rate, Cover, Hyena, Pianos, Allure, Wise

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