Reveal 2 – TV Hits Pack (All Answers)

  • ET phone home. Now lets change your boredom forever with the new TV Hits Pack by Reveal 2. Below is all the cheats, solutions and answers to Reveal 2 TV Hits Pack for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Devices now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. We understand that these packs can get very difficult and we’re proud to bring you all the help you deserve with the full list below. If you’re new to the world of Reveal 2 *lettuce* explain. You are to scratch the picture that is presented in front of you and then to guess the answers, Simple hey? thanks to KoKo Digital for developing the game for all to enjoy. Now enough of thats lets get to the answers for Reveal 2 the TV Hits Pack now!


    Level 1: SOUTH PARK
    Level 2: BREAKING BAD
    Level 3: FRIENDS
    Level 4: MY NAME IS EARL
    Level 5: SCRUBS
    Level 7: FAMILY GUY
    Level 8: GAME OF THRONES
    Level 9: FUTURAMA
    Level 10: DOWNTOWN ABBEY
    Level 11: AMERICAN DAD
    Level 12: HOUSE
    Level 13: LOST
    Level 14: TWO AND A HALF MEN
    Level 15: KING OF THE HILL
    Level 16: THE SIMPSONS
    Level 17: THE X FILES
    Level 18: SEX AND THE CITY
    Level 19: BONES
    Level 20: DEXTER
    Level 21: FAWLTY TOWERS
    Level 22: FRASIER
    Level 24: CHEERS
    Level 25: GLEE
    Level 26: WEST WING
    Level 27: HEROES
    Level 28: HOMELAND
    Level 29: ER
    Level 30: DOCTOR WHO
    Level 31: TRUE BLOOD
    Level 32: HANNIBAL
    Level 33: SCANDAL
    Level 34: MADMEN
    Level 35: MODERN FAMILY
    Level 36: BAND OF BROTHERS
    Level 37: PRISON BREAK
    Level 38: ARROW
    Level 39: BLACKADDER
    Level 40: NEW GIRL
    Level 42: RED DWARF
    Level 43: SMALLVILLIE
    Level 44: BIG BANG THEORY
    Level 45: THE OFFICE
    Level 46: THE SPORANOS
    Level 47: WALKING DEAD
    Level 48: FRINGE
    Level 49: TRUE DETECTIVE
    Level 50: BUFFY

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