Reveal 2 – Tools Pack (All Answers)

  • Next up, Reveal 2 Tools Pack. Below we have the answers, Solutions and cheats for all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android Devices. Enjoy building? Enjoy a bit of wood work? Well don’t rush through this pack to fast. Below we have all the solutions that you’re heart could desire and more. Here at AppCheating we do realise some of these levels/pictures can get quite difficult this is why we like to help you guys out with all the answers, solutions and possible cheats to Reveal 2 Tools Pack. Reveal 2 is developed by KoKo Digital and is a free download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Lets jump right into the answers for Reveal 2 – Tools Pack!

    Level 1: DRILL
    Level 2: SCREWS
    Level 3: WRENCH
    Level 4: SAFETY GLOVES
    Level 5: HARD HAT
    Level 6: PAINT
    Level 7: TOOL BELT
    Level 8: PENCIL
    Level 9: BOLTS
    Level 10: RULER
    Level 11: JIG SAW
    Level 12: SOCKET
    Level 13: PLIERS
    Level 14: ROLLER
    Level 15: FILE
    Level 16: PAINT BRUSH
    Level 17: SAFETY GLASSES
    Level 18: HAMMER
    Level 19: GLASS CUTTERS
    Level 20: SANDPAPER
    Level 21: SPIRIT Level
    Level 22: SAFETY BOOTS
    Level 23: CORDLESS DRILL
    Level 24: BUCKET
    Level 25: MALLET
    Level 26: ALLEN WRENCH
    Level 27: NAILS
    Level 28: HINGE
    Level 29: CHISEL
    Level 30: CRESENT WRENCH
    Level 31: DRILL BIT
    Level 32: HAND PLANE
    Level 33: TROWEL
    Level 34: TAPE MEASURE
    Level 35: WIRE STRIPPERS
    Level 36: KNIFE
    Level 37: SHOVEL
    Level 38: PIPE CUTTER
    Level 39: CIRCULAR SAW
    Level 40: EARMUFFS
    Level 41: HACKSAW
    Level 43: CHAINSAW
    Level 44: HEAD FLSHLIGHT
    Level 45: COPING SAW
    Level 46: SALIPER
    Level 47: ANGLE GRINDER
    Level 48: G CLAMP
    Level 49: ROUTER BITS
    Level 50: BELT SANDER

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