Reveal 2 – Music Stars Pack (All Answers)

  • Who’s you’re favorite music star? Justin Bieber? One Direction? Darren Styles? (Who?) Tell us below. This Reveal 2 pack is all about Music Stars. We thoroughly enjoyed this one and you’ll see why. Reveal 2 is a game thats available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and many Android devices, It’s FREE and can be downloaded now! Reveal 2 is a fun image guessing game where the player needs to scratch the picture to reveal the image. Get the game now and play along with us. Now let’s get on to the Reveal 2 Music Stars Pack answers!


    Level 2: WILL I AM
    Level 3: LADY GAGA
    Level 4: ONE DIRECTION
    Level 5: JUSTIN BIEBER
    Level 6: KANYE WEST
    Level 7: EMINEM
    Level 8: MEARIAH CAREY
    Level 9: NICKI MINAJ
    Level 10: BEYONCE
    Level 11: MILEY CYRUS
    Level 13: PSY
    Level 14: AMY WINEHOUSE
    Level 15: MADONNA
    Level 16: ELVIS PRESLEY
    Level 17: KATY PERRY
    Level 18: ALICIA KEYS
    Level 19: CHER
    Level 20: ELTON JOHN
    Level 21: USHER
    Level 22: JOHN LENNON
    Level 23: RIHANNA
    Level 25: SNOOP DOGG
    Level 26: AVRIL LAVIGNE
    Level 27: DOLLY PARTON
    Level 28: BOB MARLEY
    Level 29: LENNY KRAVITZ
    Level 30: DR DRE
    Level 31: JIMI HENDRIX
    Level 32: DAVID BOWIE
    Level 33: SREVIE WONDER
    Level 34: CELINE DION
    Level 35: JAY Z
    Level 36: ROD SREWART
    Level 37: BONO
    Level 38: JASON DERULO
    Level 39: FRANK SINATRA
    Level 40: OZZY OSBOURNE
    Level 41: LEONA LEWIS
    Level 42: BRUNO MARS
    Level 43: JOHNNY CASH
    Level 44: THE BEATLES
    Level 45: DIANA ROSS
    Level 46: ANNIE LENNOX
    Level 47: LOU REED
    Level 48: TOM JONES
    Level 49: KELLY ROWLAND
    Level 50: PARAMORE

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