Reveal 2 – Geeks VS Nerds Pack (All Answers)

  • Do you enjoy playing with computers? Maybe you’re a nerd? Nothing wrong with that! This is what this packs all about ‘Geeks VS Nerds’. This one is probably our favorite one out of them all and you’ll know why once we get to the answers, We could relate to a lot of them and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Reveal 2 is a game thats available on the iTunes and Google Play App Stores and can be played on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and many android devices. Now it’s your time to shine, Geeks Vs. Nerds… Who will win?

    Level 1: SPOCK
    Level 2: LEGO
    Level 3: BATMAN
    Level 4: RUBIKS CUBE
    Level 5: YODA
    Level 6: COMICS
    Level 7: AVATAR
    Level 8: BOARD GAMES
    Level 9: STEVE JOBS
    Level 10: TRON
    Level 11: CHESS
    Level 12: SHAUN OF THE DEAD
    Level 13: SCARABBLE
    Level 14: THE MATRIX
    Level 15: CPU
    Level 16: DARTH VADER
    Level 17: CALCULATOR
    Level 18: LORD OF THE RINGS
    Level 19: PI
    Level 20: GRADUATION
    Level 21: CHEWBACCA
    Level 22: MACINTOSH
    Level 23: NEO
    Level 24: GOLLUM
    Level 25: LINUX
    Level 26: LIBRARY
    Level 27: BIG BANG THEORY
    Level 28: BITCOIN
    Level 31: BOW TIE AND BRACES
    Level 32: THE FORCE
    Level 33: MICROSOFT
    Level 34: WARHAMMER
    Level 35: MENSA
    Level 36: X EING
    Level 37: ATOM
    Level 38: BILL GATES
    Level 39: JIGSAW PUZZLE
    Level 40: WEIRD SCIENCE
    Level 41: MEMORY
    Level 43: CINEMA
    Level 44: ANONYMOUS
    Level 45: USS ENTERPRISE
    Level 46: DR WHO
    Level 47: HARRY POTTER
    Level 48: BLACK HOLE
    Level 49: ASTRONOMY
    Level 50: STARGATE

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