Reigns Walkthrough, Game Guide and FAQ

  • Here’s our Reigns Walkthrough Game Guide for ALL events and every objective to help you complete this insanely addictive game that critics are raving for. This game is available for not only iOS but Android as well and is created by Developer Digital. If you’re sporting an iPhone, iPad, IPod Touch or Android device then head on over to the Android App Store/Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and download this bad boy for free.

    Event will span on centuries, with an intrigue involving burning witches, scientific enlightenment, wicked politics and, maybe, the Devil himself. Here’s our Reigns Answers, Cheats, Walkthrough and Solutions for all levels and packs.

    Reigns Walkthrough: List of Royal Deeds

    the Young – Govern at least 5 years
    the Duelist – Win a duel
    the Dazed – Try the blue one.
    the Wicked – Recruit the spy
    the Patron – Recruit the Minstrel
    the Blessed – Meet the clumsy prophet
    the Lover – Start a romance
    the Target – Hear about the conspiracy
    the Tender – Arrange a bestial honeymoon
    the Doomed – Unmask the Senator
    the Pivot – Pass the first millennium
    the Wise – Recruit the doctor
    the Sorcerer – Meet the witch
    the Creepy – Lose yourself in the dungeon
    the Trump – Govern like a winner

    the Alchemist – Find the Frozen Blood
    the Settler – Discover a new world
    the Boyfriend – Date a pigeon
    the Pious – Build a cathedral
    the Greedy – Build a personal fortune
    the Bigot – Build 5 Churches
    the Devious – Invent modern politics
    the Devil – Meet the Devil
    the Father – Have an heir
    the Mage – Talk to the vase
    the Crusader – Start a crusade
    the Peacemaker – End a crusade
    the Seer – See the future
    the Musician – Write a war song
    the Coward – Look somewhere else
    the One-handed – Lose a limb
    the Old – Govern at least 20 years
    the Ancient – Govern at least 40 years
    the Grizzled – Govern at least 60 years
    the Senile – Govern at least 80 years
    the Fossil – Govern at least a century
    the Eternal – Govern at least 200 years
    the Hat – Identify the terrorist cell
    the Survivor – Trick the devil
    the Writer –

    Reigns Walkthrough – Effect Cards

    Available Status Effects:


    The slaughter of infidels is a lucrative way to decrease your population each year.

    Population decreases and wealth increases every second.


    From now on, you will know more precisely how your decisions affect the Kingdom. Is it a gift or a malediction?

    Shows the exact numbers of resources and how a decision will affect them.

    Silk Road:

    The spice trade adds to the treasure every year. You have more chance of angering your neighbors though.

    Wealth increases every second. Can increase by 10% or 20%. 20%.

    Blue Mushroom:

    You feel suddenly very happy. Then strange things start to happen…

    Causes people to look like rabbits.

    Mount Care:

    The hospital will limit the consequence of epidemics and catastrophes.

    Replenish that resource a bit instead of automatically dying.


    The barn was expensive but it’s good protection to avoid famine and the people’s unrest.

    Cheat death when your population hits zero.

    Money Money:

    The central bank protects you from bankruptcy. You just have to create more money when you need it. Genius!

    Cheat death when your money hits zero.


    It prevents the Church from being to weak and the people too powerful.

    Cheat death when your Church hits zero.

    High Walls:

    The fortifications are an excellent way to repel invaders. Useful when your army is weak.

    Cheat death when your army hits zero.

    Black Death:

    The plague is decimating your population. It’s a bleak time to be a citizen of the Kingdom.

    Causes your population to decrease every second.


    The slave trade gives you access to an infinite amount of cash. But what about your soul?

    Causes your wealth to increase every second.

    Old Age:

    You won’t be able to hear or understand properly. Scared, you try very hard to hide your ailment from the court.

    Some words will be hard to understand.


    The New World is adding to the treasury and the army every year but will you be able to manage such an empire?

    Army and money increase every second.


    You won’t be able to say ‘no’ to your paramour. The Church disapproves, but it mesmerizes your people.

    Your population is locked by your lover and the Church’s power will decrease every second.


    Time is gone, space is insane. Here it comes, here again. You feel your mouth closing down as if you never had one.

    Effect when the devil appears.

    Death Wish:

    The next character you say ‘Yes’ to will die.

    A curse that kills the first person you say yes to.

    Enter the Pungeon:

    There’s no way back and in your absence, the Kingdom ineluctably falls into anarchy.

    You’re about to enter a dungeon. All four resources drain every second you’re down there. If all four run out, you die.


    The sword of kings is yours. In duels you will be more steady and you will be able to trigger special moves without defending first.

    Excalibur makes it easier to win duels. You will have the upper hand.


    You won’t be able to say ‘no’ to the Church anymore. That said, they’re taking care of the money.

    The Church might take over the treasury for you. Then you can’t go bankrupt, but they can force you to certain things.

    Loaded Dice:

    You will never lose again at the Red Dwarf.

    You can’t lose at the dice game while this is in effect.

    The One:

    It’s probably the last strawberry plant on Earth. You keep it under heavy protection.

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