REBUS – Absurd Logic Game – (All Cheats and Answers)

  • Want to keep up with the latest puzzle games? Well, You better not pass this one up. Rebus is a hugely addictive and popular image guessing game. Think this is one of those 4 pics 1 word games or guess the image games? You’ll be wrong. Rebus is different, But a good different.

    Heard enough? Download Rebus for your Android and iOS Devices below. Now Rebus is going to challenge your mind like ever before, Thinking outside the box is essential as finding AppCheating low is the search results is a task in itself. But once you’re here, The game is as easy as 1, 4, 6? Confused? So are we. Now lets begin the answers to Rebus. We will add the image (Scratch that, We can’t get them to resize) to the answers along with the written instructions, Best of both worlds.

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    Rebus Level 1 Answers and Explanations

    The letter g and a heart: G + Love = GLOVE
    A car going uphill: Car + D = CARD
    Picture of numbers 6135: Switch numbers to corresponding letters of the alphabet = FACE
    Tetris shapes falling into place: Ten shapes + T = TENT
    Upside down hanger: Tab + reversed = BAT
    Earring letter W: W + ear = WEAR
    MDAY picture: M + on + DAY = MONDAY
    Nail shaped like an s: S + nail = SNAIL

    Rebus Level 2 Answers and Explanations

    Side of head and ear: C + L + ear = CLEAR
    Raindrops shaped like T: T + rain = TRAIN
    Gold key on purple background: M + on + Key = MONKEY
    L &: L + and = LAND
    5 colored rings: Range + O = ORANGE
    Bee on blue background: Bee + F = BEEF
    Ship on an S-shaped shore: S + Port = SPORT
    Co and finger sign: Co + Okay = COOK

    Rebus Level 3 Answers and Explanations

    Pin poking the letter K: Pin + K = PINK
    Car with the letters e and r: Car + e + e + r = CAREER
    Upside 10: Ten reversed = NET
    Fish, orange, duck, onion: FOOD
    NIS repeated: Ten + Nis = TENNIS
    L DON picture: L + on + DON = LONDON
    Bell with blue ribbon: Bell + Y = BELLY
    Seal on a G: Seal + in + G = SEALING

    Rebus Level 4 Answers and Explanations:

    Bear on blue background: Bear + D = BEARD
    Rose with thorns: P + Rose = PROSE
    Cross or T with po: Po + in + T = POINT
    Light coming out of F: F + Light = FLIGHT
    Trees and water with S shape: S + Park = SPARK
    20 Bs on red background: B + all = BALL
    Rooster or chicken on blue background: Cock + L = CLOCK
    C&Y: C + and + Y = CANDY

    Rebus Level 5 Answers and Explanations

    Owl on purple background: B + Owl = BOWL
    G and circle: G + Round = GROUND
    Orange H on blue background: H + in + T = HINT
    E2 in red box: Red + ee = REED
    Small white N on red background: Micro + N = MICRON
    MC2 + G2 on yellow background: E=MC2 so E + gg = EGG
    SG on yellow background: S + on + G = SONG
    Blue and yellow blocks with white plus sign: Blue + yellow = GREEN

    Rebus Level 6 Answers and Explanations

    CH with bite taken out: Ch + eat = CHEAT
    White S on blue backgrounds/keyhole: S + in + Key = SINK
    Monkey saying GR: Gr + Ape = GRAPE
    E with L inside on orange background: L + in + E = LINE
    10DER: Ten + Der = TENDER
    P and Y on brown background: P + on + Y = PONY
    P made of small white dots: P + Rice = PRICE
    Three green shapes with wheels on grey blue background: CAR

    Rebus Level 7 Answers and Explanations

    P on a horse: P + Ride = PRIDE
    Eggs on a pan: Pan + IC = PANIC
    Map with Os connected: Plan + E + T = PLANET
    Brick wall with ET: Wall + ET = WALLET
    D and smaller M: M + in + D = MIND
    Blue, orange and yellow stripes: B + O + Y = BOY
    H/N: H + or + N = HORN
    Two long white lines at bottom of red background: F + low = FLOW

    Rebus Level 8 Answers and Explanations

    S made of small As: S + of + A = SOFA
    Reflected letter Ps: P + on + D = POND
    T chasing after K: T + run + K = TRUNK
    Pot with steam billowing: S + pot = SPOT
    O with stitches in side: O + Scar = OSCAR
    V=IT: V + is + IT = VISIT
    Blue and black car on orange background: S + car + F = SCARF
    Yellow outlined Y on purple background: Part + Y = PARTY

    Rebus Level 9 Answers and Explanations

    Trident in a circle: Hell + O = HELLO
    M with a question mark: M + Ask = MASK
    Line going through blue, orange, mauve and brown squares: B + O + M + B = BOMB
    CD and letter Y on yellow background: Disc + over + Y = DISCOVERY
    Power switch ER: Off + ER = OFFER
    Wrench on blue background: S + Tool = STOOL
    Tree trunk on yellow background: P + Age = PAGE
    G and small K on purple background: K + in + G = KING

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