Movie Trivia Questions Quiz Answers

  • Movie Trivia Questions Quiz Answers, Cheats and Solutions to the hit fun 2014 quiz. This trivia game is developed by Tasnim Ahmed, The people who are also behind the Movie Fx Effect, So how well do you know 2k14? Put your knowledge to the test now,  If not we’ve got you covered with the answers. You can download it from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices.

    Let’s jippity jump into the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to the Movie Trivia Questions Quiz.


    Level 1: ALADIN
    Level 2: AVATAR
    Level 3: AVENGERS
    Level 5: BATMAN
    Level 6: DESPICABLE ME
    Level 7: GHOST BUSTERS
    Level 8: GOD FATHER
    Level 9: GODZILLA
    Level 10: HARRY POTTER

    Level 11: HELL BOY
    Level 12: ICE AGE
    Level 13: INCEPTION
    Level 15: JAWS
    Level 16: IRON MAN
    Level 17: MADAGASCAR
    Level 18: LION KING
    Level 19: KICK ASS
    Level 20: MONSTERS INC

    Level 21: PULP FICTION
    Level 22: RATATOUILLE
    Level 23: RESIDENT EVIL
    Level 24: ROBOCOP
    Level 25: SKYFALL
    Level 26: STAR TREK
    Level 27: BRAVE
    Level 28: DARE DEVIL
    Level 29: DISTRICT 9
    Level 30: STAR WARS

    Level 31: DRAGON
    Level 32: THE SMURFS
    Level 33: SNOW WHITE
    Level 34: THE HOBBIT
    Level 35: THE TERMINATOR
    Level 36: PUNISHER
    Level 38: SNATCH
    Level 39: SPEED RACER
    Level 40: ET

    Level 41: TINTIN
    Level 42: USUAL SUSPECT
    Level 43: PETER PAN
    Level 44: WOLVERINE
    Level 45: WALL E
    Level 46: TOY STORY
    Level 47: PSYCHO
    Level 48: RAPUNZEL
    Level 49: SOCIAL NETWORK
    Level 50: SWEENEY TODD
    Level 51: THE FUTURE
    Level 52: VENDETTA

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