Letter Swap by Alegrium Answers All Levels

  • Letter Swap Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs created by the well known trivia master Alegrium. Letter Swap is an insanely addictive trivia quiz game in which the players needs to use the  image shown to their advantage and try and guess the the 4 words that are related to the image, Easy? Sure if you captain smart but us normal people find this game extremely hard and this is why we’ve created a list of all the answers so you can stop stressing.

    You can pick Letter Swap up from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices free. With countless of pics to answer we’re not surprised you’ve arrived here. Here’s your Letter Swap Answers, Cheats and Solutions to All Levels and packs.

    Letter Swap Answers:

    Letter Swap Answers Level 1 Cheats 0-11:

    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-0: apple, fruit, red, leaf
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-1: panda, bear, bamboo, tree
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-2: baby, kiss, cute, hair
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-3: burger, fries, fork, ketchup
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-4: kids, hand, fingers, paint
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-5: waiter, bakery, shirt, tray
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-6: sweets, chocolate, dessert, pastry
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-7: island, snorkeling, fish, underwater
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-8: dog, puppy, cat, tongue
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-9: chicken, egg, hen, rooster
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-10: cookie, gingerbread, plate, milk
    Letter Swap Answers Level 1-11: dice, letters, domino, chips

    Letter Swap Answers Level 2 Cheats 12-35:

    Letter Swap Level 2-12: alphabet, palette, paintbrush, chalk
    Letter Swap Level 2-13: fossil, visitor, dinosaur, museum
    Letter Swap Level 2-14: microwave, toaster, blender, cupboard
    Letter Swap Level 2-15: tennis, ball, racket, yellow
    Letter Swap Level 2-16: top hat, puppet, suit, bow tie
    Letter Swap Level 2-17: pharmacist, drugstore, medicine, stethoscope
    Letter Swap Level 2-18: witch, broom, flying, sky
    Letter Swap Level 2-19: movie, popcorn, 3d glasses, cinema
    Letter Swap Level 2-20: fire, fireman, hose, flame
    Letter Swap Level 2-21: moon, citrus, cinnamon, almond
    Letter Swap Level 2-22: hot dog, bun, mustard, pickle
    Letter Swap Level 2-23: hoop, basketball, game, shoot
    Letter Swap Level 2-24: frog, crown, lily, pad, pond
    Letter Swap Level 2-25: champion, medallion, wristband, victory
    Letter Swap Level 2-26: pizza, slice, mushroom, bell pepper
    Letter Swap Level 2-27: trophy, binoculars, clock, grape
    Letter Swap Level 2-28: judge, wig, robe, hammer
    Letter Swap Level 2-29: yolk, daisy, placemat, polkadot
    Letter Swap Level 2-30: snowboarding, helmet, mountain, powder
    Letter Swap Level 2-31: orange, diver, coral, flippers
    Letter Swap Level 2-32: mouse, pumpkin, tomato, whiskers
    Letter Swap Level 2-33: porcelain, empress, chinese, royals
    Letter Swap Level 2-34: teddy bear, chest, marbles, mitt
    Letter Swap Level 2-35: wallpaper, suitcase, teacup, eyeglasses

    Letter Swap Answers Level 3 Cheats 36-59:

    Letter Swap Level 3-37: Dumbbell, Grapefruit, Tape Measure, Kilogram
    Letter Swap Level 3-38: Rooftop, Pine Tree, Winter, Cabins
    Letter Swap Level 3-39: Deodorant, Toothbrush, Hairbrush,Lotion
    Letter Swap Level 3-40: Cucumber, Eggplant, Broccoli, Carrot
    Letter Swap Level 3-41: Graduation, Cap, Gown, Diploma
    Letter Swap Level 3-42: Vibrant, Beach ball, Doors, Door Handle
    Letter Swap Level 3-43: Backpack, Ruler, Book, Color Pencil
    Letter Swap Level 3-44: Dolphin, Fin, Flipper, Pool
    Letter Swap Level 3-45: Camping, Tent, Guitar, Campfire
    Letter Swap Level 3-46: Concert, Band, Fans, Microphone
    Letter Swap Level 3-47: Chair, Dishwasher, Kitchen, Fridge
    Letter Swap Level 3-48: Cart, Grocery, Aisle, Supermarket
    Letter Swap Level 3-49: High Heels, Clothing, Dress, Pillow
    Letter Swap Level 3-50: Shield, Armor, Knight, Chainmail
    Letter Swap Level 3-51: Cricket, Sand, Seaside, Cricket Bat
    Letter Swap Level 3-52: Graph, Calculator, Solar Panel, Digits
    Letter Swap Level 3-53: Locker, Hallway, Student, Computer
    Letter Swap Level 3-54: Asphalt, Flats, Bicycle, Spokes
    Letter Swap Level 3-55: Carousel, Light Bulb, Horse, Pole
    Letter Swap Level 3-56: Pasta, Meatballs, Sauce, Spaghetti
    Letter Swap Level 3-57: Hammock, Straw Hat, Palm Tree, Bikini
    Letter Swap Level 3-58: Sledge, Snow Angel, Snow Boots, Jacket
    Letter Swap Level 3-59: Onion, Elder, Thirty, Trolley

    Letter Swap Answers Level 4 Cheats 60-71:

    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-60: Railing, Staircase, Lampppost, Branches
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-61: Collection, Stamp, Tweezer, Postage
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-62: Scarf, Propeller, Airplane, Pants
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-63: Paperclip, Hourglass, Teapot, Typewriter
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-64: Gondola, Costume, Mask, Seashell
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-65: Volcano, Lava, Smoke, Eruption
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-66: Camel, Pyramid, Sand, Desert
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-67: Karate, Kick, Black belt, Martial Arts
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-68: Locomotive, Railroad, Station, Steam
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-69: Quartet, Cello, Mannequin, Musician
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-70: Bacon, Toast, Orange Juice, Breakfast
    Letter Swap Answers Level 4-71: Gold, Fountain, Statue, Water

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