Infinite Pics Bathroom (All Answers)

  • Here we bring to you Infinite Pics Bathroom Answers and cheats for both Android and iPhone/iPad. Now the reason your probably here is that you are stuck on a particular level, Well lucky for you we can help you get passed that tricky level you’ve been stuck on for hours!

    We’ve solved all these answers so you can enjoy Infinite Pics without the frustration.

    Infinite Pics is created by Random Logic Games and can provide hours of fun and enjoyment, in this trivia style game. The aim of this game is to put your image skills to the test by solving these puzzles from more than 10 categories, A few of them include Sports, Celebs and Movies, each with 100 puzzles. This word solver game is a little different to some others as you have 4 covers over 4 pictures and your allowed to remove one at a time, But slow down tiger, The less you uncover the more rewards you gain. Best thing is that new categories are added periodically and are free, So stay tuned to when you need help next time. If you haven’t got this game already its available free on the iTunes AppStore and Android Play Store.

    LETS GET TO IT! Infinite Pics Cheats


    Infinite Pics BATHROOM – Levels 0-99
    Level 0: TOOTHBRUSH
    Level 1: BODY WASH
    Level 2: TOILET PAPER
    Level 3: SCALE
    Level 4: SOAL DISH
    Level 5: MOUTHWASH
    Level 6: SHAMPOO
    Level 7: PLUNGER
    Level 8: BAR SOAP
    Level 9: BATH TUB
    Level 10: SOAP DISPENSER
    Level 11: SHOWER CURTAIN
    Level 12: TOILET
    Level 13: STEP STOOL
    Level 14: BATH MAT
    Level 15: LOTION
    Level 16: SHOWER HEAD
    Level 17: COLONGE
    Level 18: RAZOR
    Level 19: SPONGE
    Level 20: CURLERS
    Level 21: FAUCET
    Level 22: BABY POWDER
    Level 23: MAKE UP
    Level 24: TOWEL RACK
    Level 25: BANDAGES
    Level 26: DENTAL FLOSS
    Level 27: PAPER TOWEL
    Level 28: RUBBER BANDS
    Level 29: BATH TOWEL
    Level 30: CURLING IRON
    Level 31: SINK
    Level 34: BLOW DRYER
    Level 35: WASH CLOTH
    Level 36: CANDLES
    Level 37: SHOWER
    Level 38: BUBBLE BATH
    Level 39: BATH ROBE
    Level 40: RUG
    Level 41: TOILET BRUSH
    Level 42: ASPIRIN
    Level 43: HAIRSPRAY
    Level 44: FLAT IRON
    Level 45: TILE
    Level 46: DEODORANT
    Level 47: PERFUME
    Level 48: OINTMENT
    Level 49: EYE DROPPER
    Level 50: NAIL CLIPPERS
    Level 51: TAMPONS
    Level 52: NOSE TRIMMER
    Level 53: Q TIPS
    Level 54: TWEEZERS
    Level 55: MAGAZINES
    Level 56: CABINETS
    Level 57: CONTACT LENSES
    Level 58: HAIR GEL
    Level 59: SHELF
    Level 60: SCISSORS
    Level 61: NAIL POLISH
    Level 62: TISSUE
    Level 63: ELECTRIC RAZOR
    Level 64: SCRUB
    Level 65: NAIL FILE
    Level 66: PUMICE STONE
    Level 67: SHAVE CREAM
    Level 68: LOOFA
    Level 69: SHOWER CADDY
    Level 70: MIRROR
    Level 71: SLIPPERS
    Level 73: WIPES
    Level 74: COUGH SYRUP
    Level 75: HAIR BRUSH
    Level 76: DRAIN
    Level 77: IRONING BOARD
    Level 78: COMB
    Level 79: BOWL CLEANER
    Level 80: TOOTHPASTE
    Level 81: BOBBY PINS
    Level 82: WASTE BASKET
    Level 83: COTTON
    Level 84: FAN
    Level 85: WINDOW
    Level 86: BATH TOYS
    Level 87: FIRST AID KIT
    Level 89: TOILET SEAT
    Level 90: LAUNDRY BASKET
    Level 91: PICTURES
    Level 92: JEWELRY BOX
    Level 93: VENT
    Level 94: IRON
    Level 96: STOPPER
    Level 97: LIGHT BULBS
    Level 99: BIDET

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