History Quiz Guess the People Answers All Levels

  • History Quiz Guess the People Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs. Created by the genius themselves, Mangoo Games. Known for their Trivia Quiz games and much more, If there’s one quiz to pick up it’s one of his. Stuck on a particular level or the whole thing? Not to worry, Here at AppCheating we’ve got you covered with all the answers one person could handle plus more.

    You can pick up History Quiz Guess the People from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. In this game it’s your job to guess the what represents the picture shown and then answer it using the provided letters, Remember not all letters are used. This not only makes it difficult but feel somewhat impossible, This is why we’ve answered them all so you can stop your worries.

    If you haven’t checked out some other Mangoo Games, Games why not head on over to the App Stores and search the name or just search the name on AppCheating.com and get some ideas and/or answers to your next adventure. Here’s the Answers, Cheats, Solutions and more to all packs and levels for History Quiz Guess the People.

    History Quiz Guess the People Answers:

    Level 1: Einstein
    Level 2: Che Guevara
    Level 3: Da Vinci
    Level 4: Hitchcock
    Level 5: Cleopatra
    Level 6: Mozart
    Level 7: Armstrong
    Level 8: Gandhi
    Level 9: Marley
    Level 10: Diderot
    Level 11: Moliere
    Level 12: Mandela
    Level 13: Defoe
    Level 14: Bolivar
    Level 15: Jackson
    Level 16: Joan Of Arc
    Level 17: Nobel
    Level 18: Chaplin
    Level 19: Mccartney
    Level 20: Ashe
    Level 21: Churchill
    Level 22: Lumiere
    Level 23: Arafat
    Level 24: Escobar
    Level 25: Carroll
    Level 26: Orwell
    Level 27: Edison
    Level 28: Eisenhower
    Level 29: Hemingway
    Level 30: Fosbury
    Level 31: Mercury
    Level 32: Champollion
    Level 33: Monroe
    Level 34: Margritte
    Level 35: Lingbergh
    Level 36: Picasso
    Level 37: Sinatra
    Level 38: Nixon
    Level 39: Colombus
    Level 40: London
    Level 41: Brutus
    Level 42: Disney
    Level 43: Falk
    Level 44: Cartier
    Level 45: Luther King
    Level 46: Rowling
    Level 47: Pythagoras
    Level 48: Newton
    Level 49: Marco Polo
    Level 50: Garibaldi
    Level 51: Caesar
    Level 52: Kennedy
    Level 53: Rockefeller
    Level 54: Marx
    Level 55: Elizabeth
    Level 56: Cortes
    Level 57: Gagarin
    Level 58: Cook
    Level 59: Fellini
    Level 60: Zweig
    Level 61: Nietzsche
    Level 62: Nefertiti
    Level 63: Warhol
    Level 64: Attila
    Level 65: Alexander
    Level 66: Gorbachev
    Level 67: Curie
    Level 68: Fleming
    Level 69: Al Capone
    Level 70: Mendeleev
    Level 71: Pavarotti
    Level 72: Buddha
    Level 73: Van Gogh
    Level 74: Doyle
    Level 75: Jean Paul II
    Level 76: Archimedes
    Level 77: Pasteur
    Level 78: Tolkien
    Level 79: Roosevelt
    Level 80: Trostsky
    Level 81: King
    Level 82: Chamberlain
    Level 83: Tesla
    Level 84: Houdini
    Level 85: Charles
    Level 86: Senna
    Level 87: Louis XIV
    Level 88: Thatcher
    Level 89: Galileo
    Level 90: Socrates
    Level 91: Confucius
    Level 92: Dali
    Level 93: Eiffel
    Level 94: Ford
    Level 95: Jobs
    Level 96: Allen
    Level 97: Darwin
    Level 98: Shakespeare
    Level 99: Bell
    Level 100: Stoker

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