Hi Guess – 100 Pop Star Answers (All Levels 1-100)

  • Welcome to the full list of ‘Hi Guess’ answers. Below you’ll find the Hi Guess 100 Pop Star pack answers which is a great pack but a challenging one to solve. Hi Guess is developed by Man Zhang and is available for FREE from the iTunes an Android App Stores. However the game is free it does offer premium products as this is why its classified as a ‘Freemium’ game. The in-app purchases are quite expensive and not everyone can afford these, So thats why we offer this service and give you the answers.

    Now haven’t got the game yet? Trottle on and get it, Its crazy fun that your missing out on. Enjoy all the answers to Hi Guess 100 Pop Star below.


    Level 1: Michael Jackson
    Level 2: Elvis
    Level 3: Taylor Swift
    Level 4: Beyonce
    Level 5: Madonna
    Level 6: Rihanna
    Level 7: Robert Downey
    Level 8: David Bowie
    Level 9: Brad Pitt
    Level 10: Angelina Jolie
    Level 11: Lady Gaga
    Level 12: Justin Bieber
    Level 13: Marilyn Monroe
    Level 14: Nicki Minaj
    Level 15: Chaplin
    Level 16: Bruce Lee
    Level 17: Adam Sandler
    Level 18: Bruno Mars
    Level 19: Bruce Willis
    Level 20: Katy Perry
    Level 21: Adele
    Level 22: Adam Levine
    Level 23: Schwarzenegger
    Level 24: Tom Cruise
    Level 25: Britney Spears
    Level 26: Charlie Sheen
    Level 27: James Brown
    Level 28: Whitney Houston
    Level 29: Jim Carrey
    Level 30: Alicia Keys
    Level 31: Avril Lavigne
    Level 32: Bono
    Level 33: Blake Shelton
    Level 34: Morgan Freeman
    Level 35: Marilyn Manson
    Level 36: Stallone
    Level 37: Rowan Atkinson
    Level 38: Vin Diesel
    Level 39: Jason Statham
    Level 40: Will Smith
    Level 41: Anne Hathaway
    Level 42: Jay-Z
    Level 43: Megan Fox
    Level 44: Hugh Jackman
    Level 45: Jessie J
    Level 46: Ozzy Osbourne
    Level 47: Ashton Kutcher
    Level 48: Bob Marley
    Level 49: Alec Baldwin
    Level 50: Elton John
    Level 51: Jessica Simpson
    Level 52: Kanye West
    Level 53: Dwayne Johnson
    Level 54: Spike Lee
    Level 55: Taylor Lautner
    Level 56: Daniel Craig
    Level 57: Mick Jagger
    Level 58: Psy
    Level 59: James Dean
    Level 60: Gisele Bundchen
    Level 61: Ed Sheeran
    Level 62: Emma Watson
    Level 63: Gerard Butler
    Level 64: Dolly Parton
    Level 65: Jean Reno
    Level 66: Ryan Gosling
    Level 67: Seth Macfarlane
    Level 68: Toby Keith
    Level 69: Carlos Santana
    Level 70: Jerry Seinfeld
    Level 71: Calvin Harris
    Level 72: Emma Stone
    Level 73: Halle Berry
    Level 74: Lana Del Rey
    Level 75: Sandra Bullock
    Level 76: Tina Fey
    Level 77: Audrey Hepburn
    Level 78: Kevin Hart
    Level 79: Zooey Deschanel
    Level 80: Kenny Chesney
    Level 81: Jennifer Lopez
    Level 82: Michael Bay
    Level 83: Christian Bale
    Level 84: Cameron Diaz
    Level 85: Jet Li
    Level 86: Mila Kunis
    Level 87: Kristen Stewart
    Level 88: Dustin Hoffman
    Level 89: Lenny Kravitz
    Level 90: Eddie Murphy
    Level 91: David Guetta
    Level 92: Channing Tatum
    Level 93: Howard Stern
    Level 94: Chuck Norris
    Level 95: Hugh Grant
    Level 96: Ben Stiller
    Level 97: Leslie Nielsen
    Level 98: Charlize Theron
    Level 99: Sofia Vergara
    Level 100: Owen Wilson

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