Hi Guess 100 – Celebrity (All Answers)

  • Hi Guess 100 is a game primarily about guessing the correct icons that are displayed in front of you. Though if your here you properly already know that and just want the answers to Hi Guess 100 – Celebrity. Hi Guess 100 is one of those games that are damn addicting but is insanely simple, Now what are you waiting for go download Hi Guess 100 and jump on to the Celebrity pack and come back here to get the answers.

    Below is all the answers to Hi Guess 100 and if you think we are missing or could improve on something please tell us below as you’re our priority.




    Level 1: EINSTEIN
    Level 2: LINCOLN
    Level 3: DA VINCI
    Level 4: BEETHOVEN
    Level 5: STEVE JOBS
    Level 6: OBAMA
    Level 7: THOMAS EDISON
    Level 8: ISAAC NEWTON
    Level 9: WALT DISNEY
    Level 10: NOBEL

    Level 11: BILL GATES
    Level 12: ALI
    Level 13: BILL CLINTON
    Level 14: TIM COOK
    Level 15: VAN GOGH
    Level 16: WASHINGTON
    Level 17: PRINCESS DIANA
    Level 18: DARWIN
    Level 19: MICHELLE OBAMA
    Level 20: ADOLF HITLER


    Uploading the rest now, Thanks for bearing with us!

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