Guess the Superhero: Character Quiz Answers

  • Guess the Superhero Character Quiz Game¬†Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels and packs. Guess the Superheroes not only a single player but a multiplayer, Now what’s better than a good game? Beating your friends, Now with this handy walkthrough guide you can be the envy of all your mates, You’ll get every levels instantly. Guess the Superhero Multiplayer Trivia Quiz is created by Richard Anciado, Who also gave us many many other quiz games that will soon hit the App Stores by storm.

    You can pick up Guess the Superhero for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices. Let’s guess hundreds of these Superheroes¬†together and jump straight into the Guess the Superhero Answers, Cheats and Solutions for every level.

    Answers Levels 1-100:


    Level 1: Batman
    Level 2: Magneto
    Level 3: Professor X
    Level 4: Jay Garrick
    Level 5: Wonder Woman
    Level 6: Iron Man
    Level 7: Superman
    Level 8: Kyle Rayner
    Level 9: Spiderman
    Level 10: Thing

    Level 11: Wally West
    Level 12: Captain America
    Level 13: Hulk
    Level 14: Mr. Fantastic
    Level 15: Human Torch
    Level 16: Alan Scott
    Level 17: Wolverine
    Level 18: Barry Allen
    Level 19: Tim Drake
    Level 20: Cyclops

    Level 21: Bucky
    Level 22: Dick Grayson
    Level 23: Hal Jordan
    Level 24: Joker
    Level 25: Thor
    Level 26: Daredevil
    Level 27: Hank Pym
    Level 28: Beast
    Level 29: Rogue
    Level 30: J’onn J’onzz

    Level 31: Colossus
    Level 32: Barbara Gordon
    Level 33: Gambit
    Level 34: Nightcrawler
    Level 35: Loki
    Level 36: Archangel
    Level 37: Black Widow
    Level 38: Lex Luthor
    Level 39: Storm
    Level 40: Catwoman

    Level 41: Venom
    Level 42: Aquaman
    Level 43: Hawkeye
    Level 44: Invisible Woman
    Level 45: Green Arrow
    Level 46: Doctor Doom
    Level 47: Norman Osborn
    Level 48: Billy Batson
    Level 49: Jean Grey
    Level 50: Iceman

    Level 51: Mystique
    Level 52: Silver Surfer
    Level 53: Supergirl
    Level 54: Hawkman
    Level 55: Deadpool
    Level 56: Wasp
    Level 57: Nick Fury
    Level 58: Kitty Pryde
    Level 59: Scarlet Witch
    Level 60: Quicksilver

    Level 61: Black Panther
    Level 62: She-Hulk
    Level 63: Doctor Strange
    Level 64: Hawkgirl
    Level 65: Punisher
    Level 66: Sabretooth
    Level 67: Rachel Grey
    Level 68: Namor
    Level 69: Black Canary
    Level 70: Emma Frost

    Level 71: Luke Cage
    Level 72: Juggernaut
    Level 73: Cable
    Level 74: Ms. Marvel
    Level 75: Spider-Woman
    Level 76: Iron Fist
    Level 77: Jubilee
    Level 78: Havok
    Level 79: Vision
    Level 80: Atom

    Level 81: Bishop
    Level 82: Banshee
    Level 83: Psylocke
    Level 84: Roy Harper
    Level 85: Starfire
    Level 86: Wonder Man
    Level 87: Cannonball
    Level 88: Donna Troy
    Level 89: Hercules
    Level 90: Polaris

    Level 91: Captain Britain
    Level 92: Dazzler
    Level 93: Sunspot
    Level 94: Wolfsbane
    Level 95: Warpath
    Level 96: Magik
    Level 97: Judge Dredd
    Level 98: Moonstar
    Level 99: The Phantom
    Level 100: Monica Rambeau

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