Guess The Star Characters Answers and Cheats

  • Guess The Star Characters – 4 Pics 1 Word Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. Guess The Star Characters has just hit the App Store with its great design and fun gameplay to get us in the mood for the upcoming Star Wars film this year. Guess The Star Characters is very similar to the 4 Pics 1 Word in which you get four pictures of the Star Wars character and it’s your job to guess them, Easy? Not unless you’re a super duper Star Wars fan, There’s some trouble to be had.

    AppStoreEven though this game is very short with only a few answers it’s still a great game and hopefully Elin Lim can update the game in future or even bring more trivia quiz games out. Download it from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device. Let’s saber our way into the Guess The Star Characters Answers, Cheats and Solutions.

    Guess The Star Characters Answers:

    Level 1: Darth Vader
    Level 2: Yoda
    Level 3: Boba Fett
    Level 4: Luke Skywalker
    Level 5: Princess Leia
    Level 6: Hans Solo
    Level 7: The Emperor
    Level 8: Padme Amidala
    Level 9: Ahsoka Tano
    Level 10: Obi Wan Kenobi
    Level 11: Chewbacca
    Level 12: Jabba the Hutt
    Level 13: Jar Jar Binks
    Level 14: Darth Maul
    Level 15: General Veers
    Level 16: Qui Gon Jinn
    Level 17: Mace Windu
    Level 18: Mission Vao
    Level 19: Count Dooku
    Level 20: Sabe
    Level 21: Wedge Antilles
    Level 22: Owen Lars
    Level 23: Jango Fett
    Level 24: Revan
    Level 25: Kylo Ren

    Level 26: General Hux
    Level 27: Asajj Ventress
    Level 28: Plo Koon
    Level 29: Ki Adi Mundi
    Level 30: Luminara Unduli
    Level 31: Watto
    Level 32: Captain Rex
    Level 33: Bail Organa
    Level 34: Wampa
    Level 35: Commander Cody
    Level 36: Nute Gunray
    Level 37: Shmi Skywalker
    Level 38: Beru Lars
    Level 39: Admiral Motti
    Level 40: Captain Panaka
    Level 41: Carnor Jax
    Level 42: Bultar Swan
    Level 43: Moff Jerjerrod
    Level 44: Visas Marr
    Level 45: Ric Olie
    Level 46: Zam Wesell
    Level 47: Zett Jukassa
    Level 48: Poe Dameron
    Level 49: Barriss Offee
    Level 50: Brakiss

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