Guess The Caricature – All Answers and Solutions

  • Can you Guess The Caricature? Guess The Caricature Answers, Solutions and Answers is your next fun and mobile game addiction. Can you memorize those famous celebs? How about if they’re in cartoon form? Well you’re probably here because its kinda.. Well, Difficult. Luckily AppCheating has you covered with ALL the answers to the Guess The Caricature – Celebrity Guessing Game.

    Don’t worry if you’re not a celeb expert, We’ll help you. This game is a whole ton of fun as you wizz your way through the celebrity caricatures drawn like cartoon characters in this ‘semi-new’ game featuring stars from TV Shows, Hip Hop Starts and even Basketball players and much much more. Now lets get to the answers, solutions and cheats to the Guess The Caricature – Celeb Guessing Game!



    Guess The Caricature – Celeb Guessing Game Answers!

    Level 1: Justin Bieber
    Level 2: Miley Cyrus
    Level 3: Lady Gaga
    Level 4: PSY
    Level 5: Beyonce Knowles
    Level 6: Justin Timberlake
    Level 7: Kim Kardashian
    Level 8: Cristiano Ronaldo
    Level 9: Brad Pitt
    Level 10: Nicki Minaj
    Level 11: Whoopi Goldberg
    Level 12: Mel Gibson
    Level 13: Ben Afflech
    Level 14: Sandra Bullock
    Level 15: Vlad Dracula
    Level 16: Jennifer Lawrence
    Level 17: Albert Einstein
    Level 18: Adolf Hitler
    Level 19: Whitney Houston
    Level 20: Sofia Vergara
    Level 21: Eminem
    Level 22: Chris Brown
    Level 23: Mark Wahlberg
    Level 24: Elvis Presley
    Level 25: Bill Gates
    Level 26: Oprah Winfrey
    Level 27: Jack Black
    Level 28: Muammar Gaddafi
    Level 29: Britney Spears
    Level 30: David Bowie
    Level 31: Lil Wayne
    Level 32: Johnny Depp
    Level 33: Bono Vox
    Level 34: Chris Walken
    Level 35: Vincent van Gogh
    Level 36: Pharrell Williams
    Level 37: George Clooney
    Level 38: Saddam Hussein
    Level 39: Jamie Foxx
    Level 40: Charlize Theron
    Level 41: Roger Federer
    Level 42: Halle Berry
    Level 43: Richard Nixon
    Level 44: Kesha
    Level 45: Harrison Ford
    Level 46: Michael Jackson
    Level 47: Ashton Kutcher
    Level 48: Tyra Banks
    Level 49: Marilyn Manson
    Level 50: Al Capone
    Level 51: Rihanna
    Level 52: Charlie Chaplin
    Level 53: Jake Gyllenhaal
    Level 54: Kobe Bryant
    Level 55: Snookie
    Level 56: Kanye West
    Level 56: Kanye West
    Level 57: Gwyneth Paltrow
    Level 58: Gordon Ramsey
    Level 59: Madonna
    Level 60: Naomi Campbell
    Level 61: Nicolas Cage
    Level 62: Rafael Nadal
    Level 63: Osama Bin Laden
    Level 64: Steve Jobs
    Level 65: Uma Thurman
    Level 66: Paris Hilton
    Level 67: Robbert Pattinson
    Level 68: Bruno Mars
    Level 69: Sharon Stone
    Level 70: Ron Jeremy
    Level 71: Michael Jordan
    Level 72: Pierce Brosnan
    Level 73: Martha Stewart
    Level 74: Elton John
    Level 75: Bradley Cooper
    Level 76: Leonardo Dicaprio
    Level 77: Vin Diesel
    Level 78: Pamela Anderson
    Level 79: Bruce Lee
    Level 80: Woody Harrelson
    Level 81: Jerry Springer
    Level 82: Robin Williams
    Level 83: Alfred Hitchcock
    Level 84: Marilyn Monroe
    Level 85: Novak Djokovic
    Level 86: Sylvester Stallone
    Level 87: Keanu Reeves
    Level 88: Kate Moss
    Level 89: Mattew Perry
    Level 90: Joseph Stalin
    Level 91: Jim Carrey
    Level 92: Tiger Woods
    Level 93: LL Cool J
    Level 94: Chuck Norris
    Level 95: Michael Keaton
    Level 96: Simon Cowell
    Level 97: Van Damme
    Level 98: Tom Hanks

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