A Guess The Basketball Player Answers All Levels

  • A Guess The Basketball Player  quiz Answers Cheats and Solutions to all levels. The game is created by Muzahidul Tasnim, Who also brought us ‘AAA Slotomania Slots’ and many other favorites. You can pick up A Guess The Basketball Player  from the iTunes App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and also from the Google Play Store for your Android device, Free!

    How well do you know your anime? With over 60 levels, You’ll sure to come across one that you simply have no clue on, So we’ve got you covered with all the answers to each and every level available to date. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive straight into the A Guess The Basketball Player  Answers Cheats and Solutions to all the levels.


    Level 1:
    Level 2: LEBRON JAMES
    Level 3: CELTICS
    Level 4: DURANT
    Level 5: NETS
    Level 7: KNICKS
    Level 8: PAUL GEORGE
    Level 9: 76ERS
    Level 10: ALDRIDGE
    Level 11: RAPTORS
    Level 12: ANTHONY
    Level 13: WARRIORS
    Level 14: JAMES HARDEN
    Level 15: CLIPPERS
    Level 16: MAGIC JOHNSON
    Level 17: LAKERS
    Level 18: PARKER
    Level 19: PHOENIX SUNS
    Level 20: KEVIN LOVE
    Level 21: KINGS
    Level 22: CHRIS PAUL
    Level 23: BULLS
    Level 24: CURRY
    Level 25: CAVALIERS
    Level 26: CHAMBERLAIN
    Level 27: PISTONS
    Level 28: TIM DUNCAN
    Level 29: INDIANA PACERS
    Level 30: NOWITZKI
    Level 31: BUCKS
    Level 32: GRIFFIN
    Level 33: MAVERICKS
    Level 34: LILLARD
    Level 35: ROCKETS
    Level 36: JULIUS ERVING
    Level 37: GRIZZLIES
    Level 38: DAVIS
    Level 39: NEW ORLEANS
    Level 40: WESTBROOK
    Level 41: SPURS
    Level 42: HOWARD
    Level 43: HAWKS
    Level 44: WADE
    Level 45: HORNETS
    Level 46: YAO MING
    Level 47: MIAMI HEAT
    Level 48: NOAH
    Level 49: ORLANDO MAGIC
    Level 50: JOHN WALL
    Level 51: WIZARDS
    Level 52: LRVING
    Level 53: NUGGETS
    Level 54: CHRIS BOSH
    Level 55: TIMBERWOLVES
    Level 56: GINOBILI
    Level 57: THUNDER
    Level 58: JORDAN
    Level 59: BLAZERS
    Level 60: DE ROZAN
    Level 61: UTAH JAZZ

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