Emoji Quiz Test Answers All Levels

  • Emoji Quiz Test Brain Teaser Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. Emoji Quiz Test is developed by the one and only Muhammed Hassan, Creator of many great and addicting trivia games which will keep you addicted for hours upon hours. From a beautiful crafted up to down right fun gameplay, What’s not to love?

    A Ace Dog Breeds? is available to download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices free. How well do you know your emojis? This is the perfect trivia game for any teen or teen enthusiasts out there who are just wanting to put their knowledge to the test.

    How’s your results stack up? How far did you complete without our help ;)? Tell us below. Let’s jump into the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to the Emoji Quiz Test Game.


    Level 1: Apple
    Level 2: Usa
    Level 3: Zodiac
    Level 4: Zebra
    Level 5: Cowboy
    Level 6: Firefox
    Level 7: Fourty
    Level 8: Canada
    Level 9: Puma
    Level 10: Mustang

    Level 11: Batman
    Level 12: Youtube
    Level 13: Sunflower
    Level 14: Camel
    Level 15: Bullseye
    Level 16: Goldfish
    Level 17: Canon
    Level 18: Five
    Level 19: Four
    Level 20: Hot Dog

    Level 21: Ferrari
    Level 22: Angry Birds
    Level 23: Jackpot
    Level 24: Animal Planet
    Level 25: Australia
    Level 26: Housewife
    Level 27: Air France
    Level 28: Burger King
    Level 29: Confession
    Level 30: Facebook

    Level 31: France
    Level 32: Mythology
    Level 33: French Kiss
    Level 34: Bluetooth
    Level 35: Fried Rice
    Level 36: Fruit Ninja
    Level 37: Blood Diamond
    Level 38: G
    Level 39: Honeymoon
    Level 40: Magician

    Level 41: Jaguar
    Level 42: Horsepower
    Level 43: Avengers
    Level 44: Monopoly
    Level 45: Blue Moon
    Level 46: Ice Cream
    Level 47: Iphone
    Level 48: Jockey
    Level 49: Kfc
    Level 50: Library

    Level 51: Love Letter
    Level 52: Milkshake
    Level 53: Movie Star
    Level 54: Nine
    Level 55: Ninja Turtles
    Level 56: Pizza Hut
    Level 57: Poker Night
    Level 58: Nike
    Level 59: Red Bull
    Level 60: Scream

    Level 61: Six
    Level 62: Starfish
    Level 63: Carwash
    Level 64: T
    Level 65: Three
    Level 66: Lovestory
    Level 67: Titanic
    Level 68: Spiderman
    Level 69: Two
    Level 70: Universal

    Level 71: W
    Level 72: Xbox
    Level 73: Blackberry
    Level 74: Candycrush
    Level 75: Lovesong
    Level 76: James Bond
    Level 77: Sunglass
    Level 78: Cold Beer
    Level 79: Lion King
    Level 80: Tiger

    Level 81: Cornbread
    Level 82: Mcdonalds
    Level 83: Corndog
    Level 84: Kingprawn
    Level 85: Dentist
    Level 86: Et
    Level 87: Firealarm
    Level 88: Spaghetti
    Level 89: Pop Corn
    Level 90: Firetruck

    Level 91: Seven Up
    Level 92: Fishfingers
    Level 93: Samsung
    Level 94: Frenchfries
    Level 95: Harry Potter
    Level 96: Hotmail
    Level 97: Intel
    Level 98: King Kong
    Level 99: Lighthouse
    Level 100: Nasa

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