Close Up Stuff Answers and Cheats All Level

  • Wanting help on answering the new game Close Up Stuff – Word Pics Trivia Quiz by Mediaflex Games? Luckily we’ve solved all the Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all the levels and packs. Enjoy putting your knowledge to the test? Then Mediaflex games is a great way to do just that with their simplistic design and easy to use UI that you’ll find hard to put down. If you’re in need of the solutions to the levels then scroll down.

    Wanting to get your hands on the Close Up Stuff trivia game? Then head on over to the iTunes App store, Windows Market Place, Amazon App Store or Google Play Store for your mobile/tablet devices or iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now completely free. It’s your job to guess the ZOOMED in image, Sounds easy but is a real challenge. Below you’ll find all the cheats to every level and pack. Let’s zoom our way into the Close Up Stuff Answers, Cheats and Solutions for iOS and Android.

    Close Up Stuff Answers:

    Level 1: Tiger
    Level 2: Melon
    Level 3: Banana
    Level 4: Cat
    Level 5: Wallet
    Level 6: Pizza
    Level 7: Burger
    Level 8: Basketball
    Level 9: Frog
    Level 10: Light Bulb

    Level 11: Elephant
    Level 12: Apple
    Level 13: Leaves
    Level 14: …
    Level 15:
    Level 16:
    Level 17:
    Level 18:
    Level 19:
    Level 20:


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