Celebrity Cartoon Pop Quiz Answers All Answers

  • Need help solving the answers, cheats and solutions to every level and pack on Celebrity Cartoon Pop Quiz? Created by VZO Entertainment. If you’ve ever wanted a quiz that’s not only exciting to play but a great time waster then Celebrity Cartoon Pop Quiz is the perfect game for you. Available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices for free. 

    Ready to jump straight into the Celebrity Cartoon Pop Quiz Answers, Cheats, Solutions and Walkthrough for every level and pack? Here’s the answers.

    Celebrity Cartoon Pop Quiz Answers:

    Level 1: Tom Cruise
    Level 2: Kristen Stewart
    Level 3: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Level 4: Emma Stone
    Level 5: Selena Gomez
    Level 6: Jennifer Lawrence
    Level 7: Liam Payne
    Level 8: Brad Pitt
    Level 9: Justin Bieber
    Level 10: Jessica Alba

    Level 11: Jim Carrey
    Level 12: Keira Knightley
    Level 13: Will Smith
    Level 14: Jackie Chan
    Level 15: Johnny Depp
    Level 16: Nicole Richie
    Level 17: Liam Hemsworth
    Level 18: Miranda Cosgrove
    Level 19: Taylor Lautner
    Level 20: Mila Kunis

    Level 21: Jason Statham
    Level 22: Andrew Garfield
    Level 23: Kirsten Dunst
    Level 24: Paris Hilton
    Level 25: Naomi Watts
    Level 26: Tyra Banks
    Level 27: Justin Timberlake
    Level 28: Ariana Grande
    Level 29: Samuel Jackson
    Level 30: Wentworth Miller

    Level 31: Paul Wesley
    Level 32: Taylor Swift
    Level 33: Christina Perri
    Level 34: Morgan Freeman
    Level 35: Valentino Rossi
    Level 36: Michael Jackson
    Level 37: Michelle Rodriguez
    Level 38: Adam Levine
    Level 39: Alison Carroll
    Level 40: Jude Law

    Level 41: Rachel Bilson
    Level 42: Stacey Dash
    Level 43: Kate Bosworth
    Level 44: Tiffany Alvord
    Level 45: Cindy Crawford
    Level 46: Marco Borriello
    Level 47: Jennifer Lopez
    Level 48: Madison Pettis
    Level 49: Jeremy Sumpter
    Level 50: Jimmy Fallon

    Level 51: Celina Jaitley
    Level 52: Tiffani Amber Thiessen
    Level 53: America Ferrera
    Level 54: Sharon Stone
    Level 55: Cathy Sharon
    Level 56: Charlize Theron
    Level 57: Courteney Cox
    Level 58: Gisele Bundchen
    Level 59: Jencarlos Canela
    Level 60: Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Level 61: Jeri Ryan
    Level 62: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Level 63: Julie Estelle
    Level 64: Emma Hewitt
    Level 65: Lauren Conrad
    Level 66: Lewis Hamilton
    Level 67: Michelle Yeoh
    Level 68: Monica Bellucci
    Level 69: Disa Braun
    Level 70: Andy Hui

    Level 71: Victoria Beckham
    Level 72: Victoria Silvstedt
    Level 73: Adriana Lima
    Level 74: Alexa Chung
    Level 75: Andy Lau
    Level 76: Carmen Electra
    Level 77: Chelsea Olivia
    Level 78: Devon Bostick
    Level 79: Elizabeth Hurley
    Level 80: Gary Barlow

    Level 81: Hayley Williams
    Level 82: Aimee Teegarden
    Level 83: Josie Maran
    Level 84: Luna Maya
    Level 85: Kim Bum
    Level 86: Julia Perez
    Level 87: Febby Febiola
    Level 88: Rick Ross
    Level 89: Carissa Puteri
    Level 90: Fedi Nuril

    Level 91: Enda Ungu
    Level 92: Cinta Laura
    Level 93: Lee Min Hoo
    Level 94: Maria Ozawa
    Level 95: Mikha Tambayong
    Level 96: Laetitia Casta
    Level 97: Katrina Kaif
    Level 98: Rowan Atkinson
    Level 99: Rianti Cartwright
    Level 100: Sammi Cheng

    Level 101: Pee-wee Herman
    Level 102: Preity Zinta
    Level 103: Nikita Willy
    Level 104: Aishwarya Rai
    Level 105: Katie Leung
    Level 106: Kendall Jenner
    Level 107: Ariel Peterpan
    Level 108: Mischa Barton
    Level 109: Ashley Greene
    Level 110: Bella Thorne

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