Candy Crush Soda Saga – Levels 11-20


Your first ingredient drop level! You need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom of the board. Vertical candies are always helpful for this, they clear a path for the ingredient to fall to the bottom on the screen, but on this level, you’ll be able to do it just by focusing on the columns where the ingredients are if you can’t find those match-4s.

• In this level you have to bring all the fruit down to the bottom.
• Vertical stripped candies will help clear a whole row and bring the fruit down to the bottom if the fruit is in that row.
• Plan your moves ahead for the quickest way to get the fruit down.


There’s more ingredients to clear on this level, so practise making vertical striped candies to help you beat the game. You make a vertical striped candy when you match 4 candies in a line with an upward or downward swipe.

• In this level there are more ingredients that you have to bring down and less moves.
• Try to make as many stripped and wrapped candies as possible to eliminate fruit.
• Save valuable moves to get bonus points at the end of the level.
• Try not to make the fruits fall to the side.
• It will be much harder to match candies to get them free over there.


The jelly is in the center of the board, whenever you can make a match inside the jelly blocks, do it. Otherwise making matches at the bottom will be effective in creating more matches in the jelly that you need to clear.

• Focus on clearing the jellies.
• If you see a move where the jellies are make it.
• If you don’t create a match at the bottom causing more moves by the jellies.
• Try making vertical and horizontal stripped candies to help eliminate the jellies.
• If possible try to create a color bomb to help you clear jellies with the same color.


The jelly is everywhere in this level. It’s time to practice making combos and special candies. You have 40 moves, if you get to the final 15 moves and there’s still a cluster of jelly on the board then turn your attention to making matches in that area instead of making combos elsewhere on the grid.

• In this level it is crucial to get lots of combos of stripped candies.
• These will help clear the jelly faster saving you extra moves if things get stuck in corners.
• If anything gets stuck in the corners remove it before you get down to a few moves.
• Try to clear from bottom to top because clearing the bottom might clear part of the top for you.
• This might also create combos without you even knowing.


You have 16 moves to bring down 7 cherries. It’s a small board but there are only 4 colours of candies which makes getting big combos very easy. Mix stripes and colour bombs and wrapped candies to get things moving on this level!

• In this level you get the doughnut booster.
• This will help turn regular candies into stripped candies.
• Remember to try and save all your boosters for levels past 100.
• In this level you need to bring seven ingredients down to the bottom.
• You have limited moves so try to get vertical stripped candies to help knock them down.
• There are only four color of candy in this level so you should be able to get a few stripped and wrapped candies together to create a giant candy.


Level 16 is a super-easy level to beat – in fact, there are cases where people have beaten it without making a single move! You have plenty of opportunities for big combos to crush through that jelly, make as many stripes and colour bombs as you can and try to score big!

If you’re unfortunate enough not to have cleared the jelly by the time you have ten moves left, concentrate on matching the left over pieces. You can do it!

• In this level you must clear all the jelly.
• Try to create as many stripped, wrapped and color bomb candies as you can.
• It’s very easy in this one to create lots of combo candies.
• Remember to start from the bottom to the top.


The ingredients are on the screen when you start, but it’s hard to get things moving in the two columns on the outer-sides.

Try to swap the ingredients into the center columns when you get a chance, and make vertical striped candies whenever you can by making match-4s with an upward or downward swipe. There are quite a few opportunities to make big combos on this level, so when you get a color bomb, look at which colors are blocking the exits, or try to combine it with another special candy.

• In this level you need to bring down the fruits.
• Try for the far left and far right sides first.
• They will be the hardest to get down.
• Try to make vertical stripped candies to clear a pathway for fruits.
• Try making some color bombs if possible.


This is a new type of jelly that takes two hits to clear. There should be some 4-match or 5-match opportunities on the board immediately when you start this level. Set them off immediately, and spend the first 7 or 8 moves looking for combos like that. Afterwards, focus on clearing any remaining jelly as best as you can, even use match-3s if it’s the only way to clear it up. Balancing combos with cherry picking problem spots will get you through this level.

• In this level the jelly takes two hits to clear.
• There are fewer colors in this level so take advantage of getting stripped candies and wrapped.
• There should be already at the start of this level an opportunity to make a stripped candy.
• Use your moves wisely because they are limited in this level.


More double-jelly joy to content with. If you focus on clearing the blocks at the bottom initially, the jelly in the middle should take care of itself. Go for any combos you can make, but as the amount of moves you have gets lower, focus more on any problem areas that still have jelly remaining.

• You have now unlocked the free switch booster.
• In this level you have to clear all the jelly.
• Start at the bottom to make matches and it should help take care of some of the top jellies.
• Remember to make stripped candies and wrapped candies to clear out jelly faster.
• Try to create color bombs.


This level is a really fun level to play over and over – you should have no difficulties getting the 15,000 points you require with a whole minute to spare, but if you like a challenge, keep playing until you get the three-star score!

• This is the first timed level.
• Don’t waste your time, it will go by fast.
• Have fun, make tons of combos and rack up points to get a high score.

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