Bonza Word Puzzle – All Answers: Starter Pack

  • This is all the Bonza Word Puzzle Answers to the ‘Starter Pack’.  We’ve arranged it in three columns, one is the level, next one is the clue and the third column is the answers.

    We hope you enjoy the answers to the starter pack and we’ll see you on the next pack of questions ;).

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    Level Clue Answers
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 1  Fruit Salad  Orange, Banana, Apple
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 2  Compass North, South, East, West
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 3 Cutlery  Spoon, Fork, Knife
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 4 Flowers  Daffodil, Daisy, Rose, Tulip
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 5  Battle of Hands Rock, Paper, Scissors
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 6  Planets  Venus, Jupiter, Neptune
    Saturn, Mars
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 7  At the Beach Sand, Waves, Umbrella
    Towel, Lotion
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 8  Can be Broken  Heart, Record, Promise
    Window, Rule
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 9  Eye of The Tiger, Beholder, Storm, Needle
     Bonza Starter Pack Level 10 N___  Cashew, Peanut, Almond

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