Blokheads – World 1 (All Answers)

  • Stahp! Now read. We have the answers to the very oldish game Blokheads World 1 :). Do you seem to be stuck on a difficult Blokhead character on World 1? Lettuce forget and get you sorted with all the answers and solutions to Blokheads. Please remember if you find anything useful in the post or AppCheating in general please do share this with your friends and family as they might benefit from these tips. If you haven’t already download Blokheads from your App Store for iPhone/iPad/iPod and your Android Device.


    Blokheads World 1-1 Answer: Abraham Lincoln
    Blokheads World 1-2 Answer: Mikhail Gorbachev
    Blokheads World 1-3 Answer: Mao Zeddong
    Blokheads World 1-4 Answer: Margaret Thatcher
    Blokheads World 1-5 Answer: Nelson Mandela
    Blokheads World 1-6 Answer: Fidel Castro
    Blokheads World 1-7 Answer: Mother Teresa
    Blokheads World 1-8 Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
    Blokheads World 1-9 Answer: Steve Jobs
    Blokheads World 1-10 Answer: Joseph Stalin
    Blokheads World 1-11 Answer: Dalai Lama
    Blokheads World 1-12 Answer: Napoleon


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