Basketball Super Star Trivia Quiz for NBA Answers

  • Stuck on Basketball Super Star Trivia Quiz? We’ve answered all the levels and packs so you can continue on your way to becoming a NBA champion. Created by Partho Protim Ghosh, This game is a challenge of your NBA skills by testing your knowledge of basketball super stars. As with most Quiz games, They start of easy yet get hard and tricky as you progress through the levels. This is why we’ve created this list below with EVERY answer to get you on your way to becoming envy of your basketball friends.

    You can pick up Basketball Super Star Trivia Quiz from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices for free. Let’s jump straight into the Basketball Super Star Trivia Quiz Answers, Cheats, Hints, Solutions and Walkthrough now.

    Basketball Super Star Trivia Quiz Answers:

    Level 1: Anthony
    Level 2: George
    Level 3: Gasol
    Level 4: Isaiah
    Level 5: Ibaka
    Level 6: Hayward
    Level 7: James
    Level 8: Robinson
    Level 9: Thompson
    Level 10: Payton

    Level 11: Pierce
    Level 12: Scottie
    Level 13: Maravich
    Level 14: Nowitzki
    Level 15: Parker
    Level 16: Parsons
    Level 17: Larry
    Level 18: Robin
    Level 19: Ricky
    Level 20: Gortat

    Level 21: Lillard
    Level 22: Jonas
    Level 23: Jordan
    Level 24: Garnett
    Level 25: Kareem
    Level 26: Williams
    Level 27: John Wall
    Level 28: Johnwall
    Level 29: Kenneth
    Level 30: Patrick

    Level 31: Lebron
    Level 32: Luol Deng
    Level 33: Luoldeng
    Level 34: Kemp
    Level 35: Timofey
    Level 36: Malone
    Level 37: Kevin
    Level 38: Russell
    Level 39: Mcgrady
    Level 40: Olajuwon

    Level 41: Pierce
    Level 42: Ray Allen
    Level 43: Rayallen
    Level 44: Vince
    Level 45: Walton
    Level 46: Redick
    Level 47: Shaquille
    Level 48: Stockton
    Level 49: James
    Level 50: Rodman

    Level 51: Thomas
    Level 52: Hakeem
    Level 53: Hal Greer
    Level 54: Halgreer
    Level 55: Harden
    Level 56: Iverson
    Level 57: Duncan
    Level 58: Johnson
    Level 59: Achara
    Level 60: Andrew

    Level 61: Gallinari
    Level 62: Elgin
    Level 63: Freeland
    Level 64: Dwyane
    Level 65: Dwayne
    Level 66: Stephen
    Level 67: Westbrook
    Level 68: Jason
    Level 69: Demarcus
    Level 70: Dominique

    Level 71: Danilo
    Level 72: Chris
    Level 73: Durant
    Level 74: Draymond
    Level 75: Reggie
    Level 76: Archibald
    Level 77: Brandon
    Level 78: Baylor
    Level 79: Chamberlain
    Level 80: Bryant

    Level 81: Drexler
    Level 82: Anderson
    Level 83: Amir

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