All Popular Movie Stars Picture Quiz Answers

  • All Popular Movie Stars Picture Quiz Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. Created by the Trivia Quiz genius, Savas Surmeli comes another addicting and fun quiz that you won’t be able to put down. With over 150+ levels to play, You’ll be occupied for a while on those boring journeys to work or a nice relaxing brain teaser before going to bed.

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    Level 1: Robert Downey Jr
    Level 2: Chris Pratt
    Level 3: Tom Cruise
    Level 4: Bradley Cooper
    Level 5: Hugh Jackman
    Level 6: Channing Tatum
    Level 7: Dwayne Johnson
    Level 8: Tom Hanks
    Level 9: Matt Damon
    Level 10: George Clooney

    Level 11: Brad Pitt
    Level 12: Liam Neeson
    Level 13: Ben Affleck
    Level 14: Chris Hemsworth
    Level 15: Vin Diesel
    Level 16: Johnny Depp
    Level 17: Will Smith
    Level 18: Christian Bale
    Level 19: Mark Wahlberg
    Level 20: Kevin Hart

    Level 21: Jake Gyllenhaal
    Level 22: Chris Evans
    Level 23: Daniel Craig
    Level 24: Ryan Gosling
    Level 25: Chris Pine
    Level 26: Will Ferrell
    Level 27: Ryan Reynolds
    Level 28: Jonah Hill
    Level 29: Jeremy Renner
    Level 30: James Franco

    Level 31: Jamie Foxx
    Level 32: Tom Hardy
    Level 33: Daniel Day Lewis
    Level 34: Andrew Garfield
    Level 35: Charlie Hunnam
    Level 36: Henry Cavill
    Level 37: Jason Statham
    Level 38: Jason Segel
    Level 39: Robert de Niro
    Level 40: Jack Nicholson

    Level 41: Anthony Hopkins
    Level 42: Robert Duvall
    Level 43: Gene Hackman
    Level 44: Edward Norton
    Level 45: Gary Oldman
    Level 46: Morgan Freeman
    Level 47: Sean Penn
    Level 48: Jeff Bridges
    Level 49: Al Pacino
    Level 50: Paul Newman

    Level 51: Michael Caine
    Level 52: Clint Eastwood
    Level 53: Russell Crowe
    Level 54: John Malkovich
    Level 55: Benicio Del Toro
    Level 56: Kevin Spacey
    Level 57: Ben Kingsley
    Level 58: Jeremy Irons
    Level 59: Dustin Hoffman
    Level 60: Dennis Hopper

    Level 61: Jon Voight
    Level 62: Ralph Fiennes
    Level 63: James Cromwell
    Level 64: Albert Finney
    Level 65: Geoffrey Rush
    Level 66: Ed Harris
    Level 67: Joaquin Phoenix
    Level 68: Djimon Hounsou
    Level 69: Tim Robbins
    Level 70: Tom Wilkinson

    Level 71: William Hurt
    Level 72: Robin Williams
    Level 73: Robert Redford
    Level 74: Willem Dafoe
    Level 75: Tommy Lee Jones
    Level 76: Forest Whitaker
    Level 77: Ian Mcshane
    Level 78: Paul Giamatti
    Level 79: Michael Douglas
    Level 80: Mel Gibson

    Level 81: Brian Dennehy
    Level 82: Jude Law
    Level 83: Nick Nolte
    Level 84: Sean Connery
    Level 85: Kevin Costner
    Level 86: Samuel L Jackson
    Level 87: Harrison Ford
    Level 88: Colin Firth
    Level 89: Viggo Mortensen
    Level 90: Mickey Rourke

    Level 91: Alec Baldwin
    Level 92: Kevin Bacon
    Level 93: Ian Mckellen
    Level 94: Sam Rockwell
    Level 95: Orlando Bloom
    Level 96: Steve Buscemi
    Level 97: John Travolta
    Level 98: Gerard Butler
    Level 99: Bruce Willis
    Level 100: Bill Murray

    Level 101: Jean Reno
    Level 102: Adrien Brody
    Level 103: Tim Roth
    Level 104: Javier Bardem
    Level 105: James Caan
    Level 106: Harvey Keitel
    Level 107: Richard Gere
    Level 108: Warren Beatty
    Level 109: Martin Sheen
    Level 110: Woody Harrelson

    Level 111: John Cusack
    Level 112: Joe Pesci
    Level 113: Andy Garcia
    Level 114: Peter Dinklage
    Level 115: Alan Rickman
    Level 116: Ray Liotta
    Level 117: Tom Berenger
    Level 118: Ethan Hawke
    Level 119: Justin Theroux
    Level 120: Ken Watanabe

    Level 121: James Woods
    Level 122: Colin Farrell
    Level 123: John Goodman
    Level 124: Jim Carrey
    Level 125: Kevin Kline
    Level 126: Idris Elba
    Level 127: Kevin Pollak
    Level 128: John Turturro
    Level 129: Val Kilmer
    Level 130: Vincent Cassel

    Level 131: Matt Dillon
    Level 132: Sidney Poitier
    Level 133: James Earl Jones
    Level 134: Greg Kinnear
    Level 135: Michael Keaton
    Level 136: Bob Hoskins
    Level 137: Nicolas Cage
    Level 138: Ben Stiller
    Level 139: Woody Allen
    Level 140: Eddie Murphy

    Level 141: James Coburn
    Level 142: Martin Landau
    Level 143: Guy Pearce
    Level 144: Danny Devito
    Level 145: Cuba Gooding Jr
    Level 146: Tyler Perry
    Level 147: Mark Ruffalo
    Level 148: Paul Rudd
    Level 149: Liam Hemsworth
    Level 150: Steve Carell
    Level 151: Miles Teller
    Level 152: Jamie Dornan

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