94% Boy at the Beach Picture Answers

  • 94% Boy at the Beach Picture Answers, Cheats and Solutions to this and every 94% level. 94% is created by the guys over at Scimob, Who also brought us ’94 Seconds’ and ’94 Degrees’. 94% is an insanely addictive game in which the player needs to guess the answers to each level by only getting a clue. This can get extremely difficult so we’ve got the full walkthrough for this level available below so you don’t need to lose your mind.

    You can grab 94%/Percent from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android devices right now, Completely free. 94% is available in every language from English to Spanish and everything in between. Let’s jump straight into the 94% Boy at the Beach Picture Answers, Cheats and Solutions to not only this level but every other 94% level out. Please remember your level may differ slightly.

    94% Boy at the Beach Picture:

    • BOY
    • BEACH
    • SINK

    Something of Which You Wish You Had More:

    • MONEY
    • TIME
    • FOOD
    • LOVE
    • SLEEP

    94% An Instrument You Don’t Picture a Child Playing:

    • TUBA
    • CELLO
    • HARP
    • GUITAR
    • DRUMS
    • BASS
    • VIOLIN

    Thanks for checking out our 94% answers, With the recent release of the new 94 Percent levels we’re sure you’re after the next levels? You can check out all the recent levels here. Thanks for checking out AppCheating.

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