80s Movie Trivia Quiz Answers All Levels

  • 80s Movie Trivia Quiz Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. Created by the Trivia Quiz genius, Savas Surmeli comes another addicting and fun quiz that you won’t be able to put down. With over 80+ levels to play, You’ll be occupied for a while on those boring journeys to work or a nice relaxing brain teaser before going to bed.

    You can pick up 80s Movie Trivia Quiz from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. How well do you know your hollywood actors? From Ghostbusters to Superman 2, There’s something for everyone.

    Let’s guess our way into the 80s Movie Trivia Quiz Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends, It really help’s us out a lot, Thank you.


    Level 1: Batman
    Level 2: Top Gun
    Level 3: Rambo
    Level 4: Dirty Dancing
    Level 5: Goonies
    Level 6: Big
    Level 7: Airplane
    Level 8: Die Hard
    Level 9: Karate Kid
    Level 10: Gremlins

    Level 11: Flashdance
    Level 12: Shining
    Level 13: Robocop
    Level 14: Amadeus
    Level 15: Platoon
    Level 16: Princess Bride
    Level 17: Police Academy
    Level 18: Elephant Man
    Level 19: Vacation
    Level 20: Blue Lagoon

    Level 21: Color Purple
    Level 22: Breakfast Club
    Level 23: Splash
    Level 24: Scarface
    Level 25: Hairspray
    Level 26: Ferris Bueller
    Level 27: Ghostbusters
    Level 28: Pretty in Pink
    Level 29: Predator
    Level 30: Raging Bull

    Level 31: Stripes
    Level 32: Clue
    Level 33: Tootsie
    Level 34: Aliens
    Level 35: Footloose
    Level 36: Raising Arizona
    Level 37: Grease 2
    Level 38: Stand By Me
    Level 39: Wargames
    Level 40: Beetlejuice

    Level 41: Road House
    Level 42: Trading Places
    Level 43: Mask
    Level 44: Risky Business
    Level 45: Poltergeist
    Level 46: Porky's
    Level 47: Untouchables
    Level 48: Indiana Jones
    Level 49: Fame
    Level 50: Labyrinth

    Level 51: Superman 2
    Level 52: Mannequin
    Level 53: Witness
    Level 54: Short Circuit
    Level 55: Outsiders
    Level 56: Urban Cowboy
    Level 57: Steel Magnolias
    Level 58: Ghostbusters 2
    Level 59: Heathers
    Level 60: Beaches

    Level 61: Yentl
    Level 62: Abyss
    Level 63: Mommie Dearest
    Level 64: Fly
    Level 65: Dark Crystal
    Level 66: Staying Alive
    Level 67: Evil Dead 2
    Level 68: Ordinary People
    Level 69: Evil Dead
    Level 70: Broadcast News

    Level 71: Friday the 13th
    Level 72: Supergirl
    Level 73: Blue Velvet
    Level 74: Scanners
    Level 75: She-Devil
    Level 76: They Live
    Level 77: Brazil
    Level 78: Dead Calm

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