4 Clues: What's the right Word – (All Answers and Cheats)

  • Now what in the world is 4 Clues? Well we’re glad you asked. Four Clues is a new and addicting game that gets you guessing and using your brain. You are given a whole bunch of words and you are to guess what word is missing. Sound easy? Think again.

    With the unusual gameplay¬†and sometimes odd word that you’d think would never go there, It certainly plays with your head. Now do you want to go insane? Good because below is all the answers to all the levels to four clues game now available for download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the iTunes App Store.

    Now lets get straight to all the answers to 4 Clues – What’s the Right Word?


    4 Clues Pack 1 Answers:

    1. Web browser
    2. Asteroid
    3. Tsunami
    4. Clock
    5. Bet
    6. Breakfast
    7. Honeymoon
    8. Raining
    9. Wedding
    10. Bell
    11. Firefighter
    12. Meat
    13. Bank
    14. Time
    15. Disease
    16. Advertising
    17. Work
    18. Luck
    19. Wood
    20. Clear
    21. Sharp
    22. All
    23. Roller Coaster
    24. Mountain
    25. Police
    26. Breakfast (Again?)
    27. Ocean
    28. Dreaming
    29. Cooking
    30. Oven

    4 Clues Pack 2 Answers:

    1. Souvenir
    2. Oak
    3. Hospital
    4. Work out the rest with us below! (Credit given!)

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