2 Photo Clues Answers and Cheats All Levels

  • 2 Photo Clues Answers, Cheats, Solutions and a full walkthrough for this fun addicting trivia word game which is created by Second Gear Games for iOS and Android devices. Need help answering any of the 2 Photo Clues 25 Packs or Levels? We’ve solved each and every level to help you progress and finish this fun addicting game.

    Haven’t got the game yet? Using your iDevice, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch head on over to the iTunes App Store and Download the game for free, Alternatively use your Android device and download it from the Google Play Store also for free. What do you need to do? Guess the words using photos and word definitions as clues. Every pack contains 20 levels to solve which can be quite tricky and this is why we bring you the 2 Photo Clues Solutions, Cheats and Answers for all levels and packs.

    2 Photo Clues Answers:

    2 Photos Level 1 Solutions:

    Level 1. Crown
    Level 2. Feather
    Level 3. Small Flying Insect That Has a Round Red Back with Dark Spots: Ladybug
    Level 4. House
    Level 5. Coffee
    Level 6. a Small Animal That Has Quills All Over Its Body: Porcupine
    Level 7. Photographer
    Level 8. Tomato
    Level 9. Tool with a Long Handle That Is Used for Lifting and Throwing Dirt: Shovel
    Level 10. Soap
    Level 11. Frogs
    Level 12. Very Large Number of Insects Moving Together: Swarm
    Level 13. Cherry
    Level 14. Flame
    Level 15. the Lower Part of a Person’s Face: Jaw
    Level 16. Garden
    Level 17. Spice
    Level 18. Tropical Plant That Has Heavy Leaves Which Produce a Thick Liquid Used in Medicines: Aloe
    Level 19. Paw
    Level 20. Heart

    2 Photos Level 2 Solutions:

    Level 1. Lemon
    Level 2. Hat
    Level 3. a Weapon with a Long Metal Blade: Sword
    Level 4. Ginger
    Level 5. Fear
    Level 6. Toy That Has a Set of Thin Blades That Are Arranged Like a Fan: Pinwheel
    Level 7. Leather
    Level 8. Onion
    Level 9. Book with Blank Pages to Which You Attach Photographs, Letters, Newspaper: Scrapbook
    Level 10. Priest
    Level 11. Rice
    Level 12. Particular and Usually Pleasant Smell of Flowers or Wine: Bouquet
    Level 13. Accident
    Level 14. Ink
    Level 15. the Long Tube in the Body That Helps Digest Food: Bowels
    Level 16. Hook
    Level 17. Carrot
    Level 18. Bird That Has a Very Hard Beak Which It Uses to Make Holes in Trees: Woodpecker
    Level 19. Baby
    Level 20. Smoke
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