100 Pics: Retro Logos – All Answers Levels 1-100

  • 100 Pics Retro Logos is the latest in the hilariously greatest (Wot?) 100 Pics quiz game that’s available to download for free on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device right now from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Jump on board and start living a little (:S) and get playing this surprisingly addictive game in which you will need to guess what’s behind those damn pesky squares, The less you reveal the more coins you will earn in which you can buy more fantastic levels, While coming here and getting that damn help you deserve.

    Lets stop this nonsense and get straight into the 100 Pics Retro Logos Answers, Solutions and Cheats now for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android device and Windows Mobile NOW!

    100 Pics Retro Logos Answers

    Level 1: Adidas
    Level 2: pepsi
    Level 3: playstation
    Level 4: shell
    Level 5: apple
    Level 6: sonic
    Level 7: mountain dew
    Level 8: windows 95
    Level 9: mcdonalds
    Level 10: cheerios

    Level 11: diet coke
    Level 12: pizza hut
    Level 13: pringles
    Level 14: friends
    Level 15: coca cola
    Level 16: star wars
    Level 17: bmw
    Level 18: sega
    Level 19: air jordan
    Level 20: sprite

    WOT you say? Where’s the rest? Hold on, We’re doing our best. Know them? Help us and the community below.


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