100 Pics Action Heroes Answers Levels 1-100

  • 100 Pics Action Heroes Answers, Cheats and Solutions to all levels from 1 to 100. This game is created by Poptacular for iOS and Android devices. We’ve solved each and every level to bring you a full walkthrough guide to all levels and packs. Available for iPhone’s, ipad, iPod Touch and Android devices from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for free.

    100 Pics is a game which gives you a picture as a clue but to make things tricky they’ve covered the picture/clue in tiles and the more tiles you remove the fewer coins you receive in which you can unlock more packs. Each and every 5 levels is mixed up so our list of answers may be bit out of order. Here’s the the 100 pics solutions.

    100 Pics Action Heroes Answers:

    Level 1: Brad Pitt
    Level 2: Angelina Jolie
    Level 3: Will Smith
    Level 4: Bruce Willis
    Level 5: Tom Cruise
    Level 6: Johnny Depp
    Level 7: George Clooney
    Level 8: Sly Stallone
    Level 9: Hugh Jackman
    Level 10: Leo Dicaprio
    Level 11: Chris Evans
    Level 12: Matt Damon
    Level 13: Tom Hanks
    Level 14: Bruce Lee
    Level 15: Bradley Cooper
    Level 16: Robert Downey Jr
    Level 17: Keanu Reeves
    Level 18: Kevin Costner
    Level 19: Robert De Niro
    Level 20: Vin Diesel
    Level 21: Jason Statham
    Level 22: Liam Neeson
    Level 23: Daniel Craig
    Level 24: Nicholas Cage
    Level 25: Dwayne Johnson
    Level 26: Al Pacino
    Level 27: John Travolta
    Level 28: Russel Crowe
    Level 29: Mark Wahlberg
    Level 30: Colin Farrell
    Level 31: Channing Tatum
    Level 32: Gerard Butler
    Level 33: Uma Thurman
    Level 34: Emily Blunt
    Level 35: Eddie Murphy
    Level 36: Heath Ledger
    Level 37: John Cusack
    Level 38: Harrison Ford
    Level 39: Brendan Fraser
    Level 40: Mel Gibson
    Level 41: Chuck Norris
    Level 42: Jamie Foxx
    Level 43: Eva Green
    Level 44: Christian Bale
    Level 45: Tom Hardy
    Level 46: Kate Beckinsale
    Level 47: Wesley Snipes
    Level 48: Patrick Swayze
    Level 49: Martin Freeman
    Level 50: Clint Eastwood
    Level 51: Tyrese Gibson
    Level 52: Val Kilmer
    Level 53: Steven Seagal
    Level 54: Kurt Russell
    Level 55: Danny Glover
    Level 56: Michael Keaton
    Level 57: Jet Li
    Level 58: Hugo Weaving
    Level 59: Gary Oldman
    Level 60: Mickey Rourke
    Level 61: Chris Pine
    Level 62: Andy Serkis
    Level 63: Michael Caine
    Level 64: Jackie Chan
    Level 65: James Marsden
    Level 66: Linda Hamilton
    Level 67: Mila Jovovich
    Level 68: Brandon Lee
    Level 69: Steve McQueen
    Level 70: Michael Madsen
    Level 71: RAlph Machio
    Level 72: Terry Crews
    Level 73: Charlton Heston
    Level 74: Peter Weller
    Level 75: Danny Trejo
    Level 76: Jean Reno
    Level 77: Taylor Kitsch
    Level 78: Idris Elba
    Level 79: John Cena
    Level 80: Emily Browning
    Level 81: Aaron Paul
    Level 82: Edward Furlong
    Level 83: Pat Morita
    Level 84: James Franco
    Level 85: Rupert Friend
    Level 86: Michael Biehn
    Level 87: Chris Pratt
    Level 88: Ving Rhames
    Level 89: Zoe Saldana
    Level 90: Jai Courtney
    Level 91: Chow Yun Fat
    Level 92: Billy Crudup
    Level 93: Tony Jaa
    Level 94: Gina Carano
    Level 95: Christoph Waltz
    Level 96: Iko Uwais
    Level 97: Sam J Jones
    Level 98: Savoirse Ronan
    Level 99: Sharlto Copley
    Level 100: Dave Bautista

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